I wonder

A criminal gang who hijacked a supermarket in Malmö, southern Sweden, proceeded to run the shop for more than a day before police stepped in.
The gang, a group of men aged 21 to 28, entered the shop in central Malmö and threw out the staff working there.
They tricked shoppers that all was normal by telling them the till system had broken down, and that payments had to be made in cash or via a smartphone app.

Following a campaign of intimidation of the actual owners.

So we know the following. That it was an independent store, perhaps of the Spar buying cooperative type but not part of an actual chain. We also know that it took place in Malmo.

What ethnicity were the gang?

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  1. Well, this may be what we call ‘a clue’:

    ’After calling in reinforcements, armed police stormed the shop and arrested the four men, aged 21, 24, 25 and 28. At least one of the men have previous convictions.’

  2. @Paul Rains

    Nah- the finns would have drunk all the booze and then left. They’ll be Schwabian Germans- savvy eye for business, but disciplined and organised into the bargain. Bet the ringleader will be called Horst.

  3. If the staff were “thrown out” then their first action should have been a call to the coppers n’est-ce-pas?

    So how come these crims were running the place for 24 hours before Sweden’s finest (ha-ha-hardee-hah) decide to get involved.

  4. “If the staff were “thrown out” then their first action should have been a call to the coppers n’est-ce-pas?”

    What’s the bets they didn’t want to be called raaaaayyyysist so they didn’t call the cops straight away.

  5. Much more likely I think is this:

    Local likely lads preying on co-efnics. Intimidation campaign against owners, they leave for a bit (as piece says). Staff similarly co-efnics, told not to interfere, we know where your Mum lives.

  6. According to Google’s translation of the Swedish newspaper from which the Mail seems to have taken the story :

    The people who were thrown out of the store did not dare to report it all, and it was only when the data reached the owners on Thursday that the police were hooked in.

    It also says the gang leader”

    …is a 24-year-old with a ten-year record of suspicions, detention and convictions for gross crime, according to information from Sydsvenskan. He has the roots in Malmö, where he and a close relative, according to the police’s intelligence data, have long been involved in crime in the area.

  7. Absolutely none of them were called Mohammed apparently. Like the rapists.

    Is it crimethink ? When I heard about the “Rape Game” in Koln a couple of years ago I knew it was migrants. Germans, IME, just don’t behave like that – yes, there’s the odd one, but not en masse.

  8. White, Christian men I bet. They are ultimately to blame, even if it is by forcing ethnically superior people to do their dirty work for them.

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