If only they would

Ideas contained within the so-called ‘Project After’ document including dropping all import tariffs and becoming a champion of free trade.

5 thoughts on “If only they would”

  1. A commentator at the Tory conference said Fox was grossly irresponsible even looking into zero tariffs.
    It would be a gross neglect of duty not to look at it. The one chance ever to go for the Hong Kong option.

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea for ASI to organise a Cowperthwaite day? Perhaps celebrate it at Free trade hall to get some traction with the electorate.

  2. Just fucking do it–you don’t need the electorate on board with this one. Good luck trying to counteract decades of socialist bullshit conditioning. Just do it and hold the line until the benefits begin. Same with tax cuts. Do it and fuck the Gladrag whine.

    It would help to ensure the majority of any cuts etc fell on the CM/MC beneficiaries of the welfare state to begin with. That and a gathering return of jobs would deal with opposition from those lower down on the supposed social scale.

    And the end of mass migration and beard-breeding subsidy of course.

  3. @Hallowed Be, October 10, 2017 at 10:20 am


    Tim, time for ASI & others etc to really push free trade vs “transition period” – get on air/youtube, in media in UK , USA & EU

    Too much silence from Brexit free trade wirh RoW, speak out, bang the drum. Use Dyson, Martin etc too.

    Do it.

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