If you value internet freedom

Then have a look here.

And shout at them about it.

24 thoughts on “If you value internet freedom”

  1. And of course, there is a tax (levy)…which those lying cvnts are saying will be paying by online companies when we all know that we will be the ones paying for it in fine.

  2. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Yeah bilbaoboy is right, they are obvs looking at methods of controlling what we see hear and think.

    Online bullying indeed…..

    Right now gissus yer dinner money Worstall…

  3. Almost didn’t fill it out, because the whole premise of making Britain the safest place to be online is nonsense.

    The safest place to be online is North Korea. No danger of seeing any upsetting content there.

  4. Agree with others – outcome already decided, closed questions to support the outcome are what are provided.

    Answered in the least favourable (to their ‘position’) possible.

  5. perhaps we can report mr potatohead head for abuse as i’m sure he’s insulted most of the people who post here.?

  6. “By reducing potential harms, both adults and children will feel safer in participating in life online and accessing the benefits which the Internet brings.”

    Explain something to me. Which braindead cretins is it, lets their children have unrestricted & unsupervised access to the internet? Why don’t you give them a ball & send them out to play on the fast lane of the motorway?

  7. One of the questions –
    “On average, how long do you spend online in your personal life?”

    Per day? week? month? …?


  8. Hit them with the lots sans only obscenity save a few low level ruderys like “crap”.

    They have their usual presupposed-in-their-favour questions with which you can disagree but the question still has you accepting their poisonous premises.

    Luckily–for me not them- there were several points where you could state your views.

    They won’t like them.

  9. Bloody hell, they have already decided haven’t they. What hideous cunt devised that survey- boggles the mind.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Agree with others, they’ve obviously decided they’re going to do it and just trying to find out how far they can push their luck.

  11. This needs to be shown to the rabid Corbyn left. They are great at getting thousands of responses and they will relish a chance to attack the May govt (even though it will of course be the civil service driving it).

    Needs to be a giant lefty movement on Twatter of something.

  12. The first substantive question:

    On average, how long do you spend online in your personal life?

    Various options given in hours. At no point does it say whether those periods online are per day, week, fortnight, month, year…

    Yeah, this is going to be a well designed survey.

  13. A “consultation” eh?

    After trying to fill it in ..the pretentiousness grates mightily -I’m left with the feeling that the presumption of the authors is as epic as their blinkers and ignorance.

    As usual they’ve made their minds up already and are just looking to hurrah the anointed ones and fake up some purported justification – it’ll be interesting to see the detail when the results of the consultation are published…

    Oxygen thieves

    The recent fracking “consultation” by The Scottish Government comes to mind – 99% of Friends of the Earth people consulted are opposed to fracking.

    ps it looks like something dreamed up by The Home Office rather than Culture Media and Sport

  14. Done.
    It is pretty poor stuff. But let’s be kind. the number of people out there who “think” like this is very large indeed.

    Blogs like this one are here to try and jog people out of these mental ruts.

    There, do you think that would be acceptably bland?

  15. Done it, but like most on here it looks like a foregone conclusion. Made my comments as negative as possible, but they will be discounted as the ravings of a nutter no doubt!

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