It would appear that market competition works then

Sex workers in a major British city are said to be selling their bodies for as little as £4 – with prostitutes blaming an influx of Eastern European competitors for pushing down prices.

More producers, lower prices to consumers. Perhaps we could use this insight to explain something about our world?

The documentary tells the story of crack addict Natalie, who works on the streets to fund her habit.

That might have more to do with it to be honest. Or this:

A man named Jack, who lives with Natalie, blames Eastern European sex workers for flooding the market and slashing prices.
He claims women come from as far as Serbia and Croatia and sell sex for rock bottom prices.
He said: ‘They’re absolute stunners. But the local girls… Sometimes I have to lend them my teeth.’

27 thoughts on “It would appear that market competition works then”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The figure is clearly made up. Which means we can’t be sure if the market is working properly or not.

    After all £4 won’t give you much change if you buy the paper these days. If blowjobs were going for that there would be queues a mile deep.

  2. ‘They’re absolute stunners. But the local girls… Sometimes I have to lend them my teeth.’

    Quote of the year.

  3. The figures don’t add up. Let’s say you’re a working girl from Molvanîa. You have a choice of countries and cities in the West in which to ply your trade. Why would you go to Liverpool to earn £4/job when you could go to London and earn £30/job?

    Especially considering that unlike local Liverpudlian drug addict “Natalie”, our pretty Molvanîan isn’t claiming benefits or living in a council flat.

  4. A story constructed out of elements so dubious as to almost constitute a formula for a chemical truth repellent.

    With such a mixture of sources and wanton conjecture who knows what the Hell is going on –if anything.

    “Fake” news in the sense that wax fruit is fake food. No one offers wax fruit in an attempt to pass it off as dessert.

  5. Bottom end of the market? Among the crack addicts? £4 I would believe.

    Back during the US crack epidemic there were reports of 50 cents…..

  6. The problem seems to be the high price of drugs. Or the high cost of getting drugs when you factor in the costs of the subterfuge needed by the seller

  7. Yes, but amongst the druggies the general rule is price of a job equals price of a hit. We’re talking about people with no sense of the future here so two jobs to the hit means one job with nothing to show for it.

    I of course bow to those with a greater experience.

  8. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    JuliaM – ewwwwwww!

    SMFS – I also think this is bollocks. A BJ from Central European “stunners” for the price of a service station coffee? Nah.

  9. Especially if, as we’re led to believe, all the girls have been kidnapped, dragged half-way across Europe and then forced to work as prostitutes in nail-bars to pay back the huge sums they paid the….er….kidnappers to take them against their will to the UK.

    I mean at £4 a go, even at the usual supposed rate of “I had to have sex with 50 men a day” it’s going to take a while to pay back the debt.

  10. “Back during the US crack epidemic there were reports of 50 cents…..”

    I’d be very suspicious about those, too. There is multi-agency moral panic backing this up. The feminists running the BBC, the police wanting extra funding, feminist fake charities helping prostitutes, newspapers selling shock.

    For one thing, stuff about red light districts is because it’s good for TV. “Red light districts” are almost non-existent. Maybe one corner of 1 street with a couple of women on them. The bulk of the industry, on the internet is impenetrable. There’s no fake charities turning out to offer them cups of tea, and they’ve all learnt never to talk to anyone from the media, because they know what their game is. There are according to the Liverpool Echo, around 3 prostitutes working on the streets. There are 232 results within 5 miles of L1 on Adultwork.

    The cheapest price on Adultwork within a few miles of L1 is £25 for 15 minutes.

  11. RlJ has the economics right here. No professional would accept this in the UK and the skag-addled desperados work off a 1-4-1 basis.

    I am prepared to believe that £4/blow job is the minimum fee a UK streetwalker would be prepared to pretend she’d accept, for the benefit of a half-witted hack or social worker.

  12. “Liam, who looks after the workers”…. Ah bless our Liam; he’s always been a little knight in shining armour!

  13. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Time to trot out my story of how when I lived in Bradford the toms took up station near the university. There was I, toddling down the road when this raddled apparition lurched out of a doorway. It looked like a brickie’s mate on his way to a fancy dress party disguised as Vera Duckworth. “Fancy a fuck?” cackles the creature. “How much?” says I, fascinated. “Fifty quid*”. “OK,” says I, “but I want to see the money first.” Then I legged it, to a torrent of abuse.

    * And this was in 1995 or thereabouts. I doubt oversupply has caused the market to crash quite as badly as the article suggests in the intervening 20 years.

  14. @BiCR

    When housesitting for a mate in the west end of Reading 15 years ago, I used to go into work past the tuppenny strumpets of Oxford Road.

    £15 was the end of their shift rate for a blowjob.

    I know this as they sexually harassed me by shouting their tariff at me as I walked past


  15. BiCR

    LOL! I had a slightly similar one in King’s Cross in Sydney. Walking along when a tired hag asked me if I ‘want a girl?’. I asked of she knew one and got a pottymouthed tirade back worthy of Otto from A Fish Called Wanda. We never established the going rate!

  16. I think this is proof that AI is now fully integrated into the TV stations and the Daily Mail. This ‘story’ has been told on a regular basis as clickbait/salacious material since the Berlin Wall came down – cue pictures of woman leaning into car windows etc. This was written by an algorithm.

  17. The bulk of the industry, on the internet is impenetrable.

    So how do they provide the service they are hired for?

  18. A lot of profiles are plagiarised, fake. But…. I keep advising Richard to post a party profile….

  19. Walking down Copacabana with a couple of mates when we were accosted by a quite nice looking but nervous young lady who wished to know if any of us wanted to “make love”. One of my mates answered, “not at the moment” which I suppose was quite reasonable considering it was just after lunch, but became his nickname to this day.

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