Life can be a bit odd at times

I was just asked to do a piece for an Iranian newspaper. Hmm, well, I do that weekly already so that’s not that odd. But it was about the subject of newspaper subsidies in Iran. My response being obvious, free market firebreathing stuff, if subsidies are needed then there should in fact be fewer Iranian newspapers.

But it is still just odd writing about free markets in a country that has such obvious state control of the press. They might well not use it for that very reason.

4 thoughts on “Life can be a bit odd at times”

  1. I bet the newspaper industry in Iran consists of both subsidised and unsubsidised papers.
    A bit like the UK having subsidised books ( public lending libraries ) and unsubsidised books ( shops ), subsidised weight loss classes ( the NHS ) and unsubsidised ( Slimming World ).

  2. Bit complicated. They subsidise newsprint and yes, obviously, some get more of that than others. But near all industry which bothers to advertise is state owned. Allocation of that (Guardian jobs anyone?) makes it complex.

    There is entirely unsubsidised, yes.

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