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The state must also act to limit the power of corporations. This can only be achieved through international action, through those very institutions – the EU and Nato – that have been so attacked and discredited in recent decades.

Nato is part of corporate regulation now?

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  1. The entity that does much of the regulating is the OECD, which is trying to rework the international tax system. Not seeing a lot of attacks on them though.

  2. Power comes at the point of a gun according to lefties, so to defeat multinational corporations you need a multinational army!

  3. Her comment is so fucking stupid it defies belief. She is an MP. A Labour one, to be sure, but a Member of Parliament is this stupid and ignorant. Reflect on that.

  4. Lisa Nandy “graduated in 2001 with a degree in politics [from Newcastle University] and obtained a master’s degree in public policy from Birkbeck, University of London…. worked in the voluntary sector, as a researcher at the homelessness charity Centrepoint from 2003 to 2005, and then as senior policy adviser at The Children’s Society from 2005, where she specialised in issues facing young refugees, also acting as adviser to the Children’s Commissioner for England and to the Independent Asylum Commission.” (my emphasis)

    Pater was:

  5. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    Rob – Bloody Hell. I assumed it was the Guardian trying out a new text generator bot.

    Across the world, rising insecurity, a lack of agency over the things that matter in our lives and a growing minority whose concerns and priorities are not heard or acted upon has created unprecedented political anger.

    Quite. So naturally, she follows with 800 words studiously avoiding any mention of “migrants” or “Muslims”.

    In recent months, a single tower block in one of the most affluent areas of London horrifyingly came to symbolise the inhumanity of modern capitalism.

    Yes, fires are tragic. The only inhumanity this one exposed, though, was the Esau-like madness of us paying Ethiopian taxi drivers and the like to squat in some of the most expense real estate in the world.

    Seriously, why are we doing this?

    Those who are poor also lack political strength, power or control over fundamental goods such as love, work, time and dignity.

    “The poor”, by which we mean people who get free housing, healthcare and education, have “no control” over “goods” like love and time… Answers on a postcard, please, because I don’t have a clue what Nandy’s going on about. And neither does she.

    Liberal socialism provides an essential counterbalance

    Citation needed.

    Labour’s failure to embrace human rights

    Citation needed.

    The Grunwick strikers, feminist activists and race-relations campaigners of the 1970s understood that the struggle for liberty was at once a fight for social and economic emancipation

    But apart from helping to destroy British heavy industry, the institution of marriage, and race relations, what did they achieve?

    This is true of the Human Rights Act, which is often portrayed as simply advancing freedom for some groups of individuals over others. But take the case of Richard and Beryl Driscoll, who in 2006, at 89 years old, were told after a lifetime together that council rules prevented them from living out their lives in a care home together. The courts disagreed, judging that family life takes precedence over bureaucracy,

    The Human Rights Act: not just about keeping terrorists and child rapists in your neighborhood!

    It requires a left that takes seriously the prospect of devolution. Not just the George Osborne model of transfer of decision-making from one group of men in Whitehall to another in the town hall, but a commitment to a genuinely federal model in which real power is held much closer to people.

    Instead of transferring power from one group of twats to another group of twats, why not transfer it to a third, even larger group of twats?

    Now that we have seen the disastrous political consequences that despair breeds, it would be criminal not to take heed. If the fractures that have emerged can be healed, it will demand of us nothing less than a commitment to liberal socialism, underpinned by an unshakeable belief in our intrinsic human rights that restores power to its rightful owners once more.

    My fellow British citizens and hordes of foreigners. As a young generneutral, I dreamed of being an NHS; But tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!

  6. I thought Lisa Nandoo was shut down as a result of the Brexit vote?

    If this incoherent cockrot is what the left has to peddle these days the battle is between Marching Morons and the rest of us.

    Again it is not the “power” of Corbog that is to fear but the antics of the Fish-Faced Cow.

  7. Liberal socialism provides an essential counterbalance

    What the fuck is “liberal socialism”? Does she define it anywhere or provide a link to somewhere which does?

    This reminds me of when I saw a phrase like “libertarian paternalism”. No-one genuinely using that phrase understands what either of those two words mean.

    Anyway, not only is she an MP but she is also a fucking shadow front bencher. This is the sort of person who will be making critical decisions if the next election goes tits up.

    God help us all.

  8. If you define a corporation or company as a group of people banding together to do something collectively, then you get the real intent – she wants the State (ie her) to limit the rights of other people (who are not her).

  9. Lisa’s winging it very bigly i feel. Word salad plus a listicle of corporations and countries that she just uses to exclaim “deedarr! There you are, Walmart sells more clothes and food to Americans than the spanish government takes off its citizen’s earnings… everybody get with the progam.”

  10. “Pater was: …” – oh balls. That’s her maternal grandfather. I could gossip about her parents but that sort of low behaviour I leave to lefties.

  11. I sneeze in threes

    Dad was a Marxist. Though the odd phrasing on the Wikipedia page below could make you doubt that he’s her dad as it sounds like he was just the chap married to her mother at the time she was born?

    “Nandy was born in Manchester to Luise Nandy (née Byers) and her then-husband Dipak Nandy”

    “Dipak Nandy is an Indian Marxist and academic who was the founder and first director of the Runnymede Trust, and a member of the Annan Committee.”

  12. @ John Square
    Frank Byers served in the Army during WWII. Mentioned in Dispatches means that he could have got a medal if they hadn’t been rationed. Depends on your definition of a “real job” but I’d give him credit for one.

  13. Is it just me or are all western Marxists working in academia rather than launching revolutions as they do elsewhere in the world?

  14. I recall Wigan MP Nandy saying her constituents struggled due to the shortage of affordable housing. She said this the same week that Shelter produced a report saying they didn’t.
    ( Shelter identified just 20 English local authorities, Wigan being one of them, that didn’t have a shortage of affordable dwellings to rent )
    Still, at least she’s being aspirational – she wants her patch to be one of those desirable areas that does have a housing problem.

  15. ‘renew our commitment to human rights, and reimagine the role of the state’

    Cognitive dissonance. The Left holds beliefs that are directly in opposition.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Is it just me or are all western Marxists working in academia rather than launching revolutions as they do elsewhere in the world?”

    As a general rule Marxists have always been parasites living off the fruits of free market capitalism. There are a few notable exceptions, Chris Dillow being one who at least admits he used capitals, and made his own pile.

  17. So Much For Subtlety

    As I keep saying immigrants hate us. Unto the third generation so far.

    So express that hatred by blowing themselves up. Some by getting elected and trying to abolish British by subsuming it in a vast socialist super-state.

    We should accept no immigrants whatsoever.

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