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The “competition” between countries that Hammond describes bears no relation to competition between firms in a market. The latter can be beneficial but the former is always harmful. Think of the difference between a failed company and a failed state.

What, a failed state like Venezuela? Which failed from too much government of the wrong sort? Zimbabwe?

Or even 1970s Britain with anyone who could getting on the plane to leave?

Competition between countries works exactly like that between companies – although as Ol’Adam pointed out there’s a lot of ruin in a nation so it takes rather longer. States which enact bad policy lose the citizenry eventually, the very thing which limits the bad policies that will be imposed.

This is different how? And wouldn’t we actually want to limit this enactment of bad policy anyway?

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  1. Propaganda. Nick tries far to hard to poison the well for a lower corporation tax by inviting everyone to believe all you get is a load of dodgy foreign rich people.

    I think there’s more to it than that Nick. Just because you wrote a book on the dodgy people of the world and their bankers doesn’t doesn’t mean lowering the UK corporation tax won’t make the UK populace better off.

  2. Now its the tough life of being a model is it?

    As I said the vile scum of the left–the arch-disciples of the very Prince of Lies–try to turn even own goals back to their advantage.

    By all means drop in Weinstein’s name–after all Jimmy Saville is so 2010–but get it in there quick. Thus the low-info readers will get the sex abuse angle. But won’t get the Hollywood-leftists-supported-and-covered-up-for-him bit. While said leftists were shouting about sexism and women’s right not to be abused by any male not a leftist or leftist ally.

    It looks like they are succeeding in their plan to make the Weinstein caper nothing more than chapter two million in the Marxist femmi-scum narrative ” all men are pigs”. And thus hiding the “leftist liars and hypocrites” angle which is the real message worth taking away from all this.

  3. In small havens, offshore income tends to flow mostly to expatriates: for instance, over 70% of the economically active population of Luxembourg are foreigners. Other countries’ taxpayers stump up to educate those people and to pay for most of their health and pensions, while Luxembourg creams off their most productive years.

    Sounds like a serious criticism of immigration to me. Say that second sentence about foreign staff in the NHS and you will be branded a racist by people like the author.

  4. Meanwhile in Ritchieland 2008:

    “The Georgian-born singer Katie Melua is a wealthy woman: last year she was listed as being worth £18m in the UK Young People’s Rich List. This is what she had to say about tax in a recent interview…..’

    Well done her. We really applaud this.”


    Fast forward to 2017:

    “Stars and wealthy investors will lose up to £325m after tax dodge scheme: Gary Barlow, Sir Michael Caine and Katie Melua are among those to forfeit huge sums”

    Bwahahaha, poor Snippa, can never choose a winner.

  5. Had a good chuckle at this:

    ” The Italian anti-Mafia journalist Roberto Saviano echoed her words: Britain’s existing offshore financial model makes it “the most corrupt place on Earth”. ”

    The phrase ‘ Motes and Beams’ comes to mind.

  6. No competition between states leads to the current state of the EU. Not quite a ringing endorsement unless you love vast unaccountable bureaucracies.

  7. Noel

    I imagine that story about HMRC’s success in the tax avoidance case will be the cause of a spontaneous nocturnal emission at the unimpressive end-terrace in Ely tonight.

  8. Interesting point of view, Shaxton. So the UK’s competing with the Germans in dropping bombs on cities was not beneficial? Lot of people might disagree with that.

  9. Leftards desire One World Government so that there is no place for people to go to escape their totalitarian government. Or even marginally incompetent government.

    Freedom of movement places constraints on government. Lefties don’t like constraints.

  10. Lefties don’t like constraints.

    Oh, I think they do. But then they always assume they’ll be the ones doing the constraining.

  11. @ Tim
    Actually, some of us stayed to try to replace Wilson/Healey with something better. I could have got a significant pay rise by going to Australia.

  12. ‘Britain is going steadily down this route: last week MP Margaret Hodge described the UK, once famed for its sense of fair play and incorruptible judges, as “the country of choice for every kleptocrat, crook and despot in the world”’

    And of course she is one to know this first hand, presiding over a ring of institutionalised child abuse in her former roles and staggeringly not being imprisoned for it.

  13. Gamecock

    You are spot on – I honestly think they would condemn North Korean refugees or defectors as being ‘treacherous’ in private. For them the citizen exists only in so far as he is useful to the state….

  14. @ Van_Pattern

    The application of the law by Plod/CPS is only for the Proles – Margaret Hodge is above such things (as acting lawfully).

  15. ‘Britain is going steadily down this route: last week MP Margaret Hodge described the UK, once famed for its sense of fair play and incorruptible judges, as “the country of choice for every kleptocrat, crook and despot in the world”’

    I thought that after the Brexit decision the Left decided that the judiciary was above criticism, but insinuations of corrupt judges certainly sounds like that to me.

  16. He hasn’t the wits to realise that these “crooks” (wealthy foreigners, boo!) are here because the UK has a legal system which is seen as incorruptible and “fair play”.

    They wouldn’t go to a country where the judges and the powerful could do to them what they have done in their own country.

    I think he wants a country where judges and the powerful CAN do that though. Arbitrary confiscation.

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