Now this is amusing

Senior MPs have raised complaints that allegations of sexual harassment are still not being taken seriously enough by their parties and whips despite years of warnings about inappropriate behaviour in Westminster, the Guardian has learned.

How many of those voicing concern are going to be facing such allegations?

5 thoughts on “Now this is amusing”

  1. ISTR Guido saying the other day he’s got some dirt on at least two labour MPs and appealing for their victims to get in touch.

  2. The ParliePorkies already sidestepped the big sexual inquisition.

    Largely because it was to have shown what nasty knobbers the male porkers were, hounding them out in disgrace and making way for the rise of the Girlie Axis like Thrasher May and Dudd Rudd.

    However –thanks to the epic and God-blessed bungling of Camoron, events rather overtook the plan and the girlies got their big break (shame it wasn’t their necks) without need of tricky femmi-tactics.

    Despite the whinesteining of a few –likely femmoloons– that is a can of worms that will not be being re-opened I suspect.

  3. @anon, October 28, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    Have they reported it to the police? Or do they just want to bypass the requirement for proof?

    Police/CPS don’t require proof or even evidence these days to charge hetero white males with sex, discrimination or hate-crime offenses

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