Now this is interesting

US journalist who broke Harvey Weinstein story to get Channel 4 show
Ronan Farrow to present show planned as a ‘satirical take on the UK as seen through the eyes of America’

Well, no, not really. He worked on it, expanded it, but he didn’t break it, that was the NYT.

But, you know famous name and if you claim loud enough….

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  1. Farrow is the son of the actor Mia Farrow and the film director Woody Allen, and used to work in the Obama administration.

    A couple of possible other reasons.

  2. Thomas Fuller, an article written by someone who clearly has done no research whatsoever into the early movie industry.

  3. Wasn’t the story “broken” by Harvey’s brother, in order to oust Harvey? Even though that seems like it might backfire now, I suspect it’s the only reason we’re hearing about this at all. Otherwise, all those strong womyn would have remained silent.

    No wonder they hate Trump. He said (some) women let powerful men “grab ’em by the pussy”. He was right.

  4. Four actresses have now accused him of rape in the past few days (the accusations, not the rapes). Not one of them appears to have gone to the police about it. The latest made the allegation to some Amazon executive.

    This is weird. If you are raped why contact an executive in the company and not the police? And then say nothing about it until this crisis broke?

  5. It was started by the NYT, but it was a hasty job, because they knew the NY story was going to break, so they needed to spike it.

  6. My understanding is that he did a lot of research for the story while at NBC. NBC decided not to run the story and he took it to the NYT, they did run it.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Nope, never heard of him.”

    Me neither and as he’s going to be on in that black hole called Ch4 thankfully I’m not likely to be learning any more about him.

  8. “Ronan Farrow to present show planned as a ‘satirical take on the UK as seen through the eyes of America’”

    Oh God, its going to be fucking horrible.

    Britain has a better track record of poking fun at other countries – and being funny about it – than the US ever has.

    And an American leftie trying to satirize British culture *for Britains*?

  9. Bloke in North Dorset


    It on Ch4. He’s doing it for Guardian lefties who hate Britain not for the average Brit who has a sense of humour and can laugh at themselves.

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