Perhaps not quite the punishment juste

Couple caught having sex in takeaway pizza store banned from spending the night with each other

Wouldn’t we prefer them to spend the night together and not time together in public places?

18 thoughts on “Perhaps not quite the punishment juste”

  1. Why did he get a community work order as well, when she didn’t? Just another example of how women are treated more leniently than men for the exact same offence.

  2. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    Jim – because the main purpose of the criminal justice system is the extirpation of chavkind:

    “Smith was out on licence for an offence of wounding at the time of the drunken public romp in February.”

  3. At first I thought it was some new ASBO outrage but a 7 to 7 curfew is hardly “banning” them from seeing each other.

    It just means the next shag will be in broad daylight.

  4. Perhaps they were caught in flagrante delicto, and the lady in question gave abuse. He would then have been guilty of having an offensive person on his weapon!

  5. Dennis

    There are plenty of stories (some perhaps apocryphal) that if you measure the contents of food from “Indian” restaurants (usually actually run by Bangladeshis in the UK) you stand a reasonable chance of it containing human sperm.

    No doubt a well meaning gift from the RoP to us, the Kuffar, although undoubtedly better than ending up squashed by a lorry driven at high speed into us.

  6. Bravefart – I have a relative in the environmental health line. You are far more likely to have shit in your curry than spunk. Hand washing is not high on the Bangladeshi peasantry’s* ‘to do’ list.

    the main purpose of the criminal justice system is the extirpation of chavkind

    If only. Anyone with no more self-control than a dog deserves the same rights. Although as JuliaM chronicles, the criminal justice system lets dogs get away with all sorts.

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