Pity Italy didn’t try this really

New Zealand wants to ban rich foreign homebuyers. Labour, take note
Polly Toynbee

Nice villas in Tuscany and Umbria are entirely out of reach of local workers….

15 thoughts on “Pity Italy didn’t try this really”

  1. Now that she has claimed to be shot of her foreign dacha she’s all of a sudden agin ’em.

    Quelle surprise eh.

  2. The article is truly instructive.

    ‘In Britain the phenomenon of foreigners buying property to mothball as an investment is a London disease, spreading elsewhere.’

    So Polly, you feel that foreigners have a negative impact on the country (even those who I presume are paying enormous sums to the exchequer to fund many of your pet schemes) and yet you would bring across the entire population of the jungle in Calais and other refugee camps on the grounds it would entrench the Labour party in power for generations? Nice.

    ‘But the only long-term answer to the housing crisis is to build, build, build in places with jobs – yet fewer homes than ever were built last year.’

    Ask the question why certain areas have jobs and other do not, especially within the Private Sector. Is it precisely because in many cases (Bath, York, Cambridge, Oxford) they are (Or were in some cases) built with low enough density that the quality of life was desirable and more affluent people gravitated towards them, creating a self fulfilling ‘virtuous circle’ – which of course you want to destroy in your mindless drive towards a North Korean style egalitarian society..

    ‘When Labour comes back in, we need a government that dares to intervene radically in an utterly dysfunctional housing market, defying myriad vested interests – mostly those of existing homeowners.’

    The sense she has it that it is inevitable Labour will come back in. Given the damage they have wrought and undoubtedly will wreak if allowed that opportunity, then it’s time to commence that Ecksian purge of the Universities and schools so this kind of nonsense is no longer a viable philosophy….

  3. Being an investor in a fund specialising in ultra high end properties in London, I can tell her that most of those people see it as a store of value based on the fact that there are still property rights and a rule of law in the UK.

    Should the labour retards come into power, their opinion will probably change and the consequences are easily foreseeable.

    The problem of the internet is that it gives such ignorant morons as polly way too much reach.

  4. The only element that might make ZaNu tyranny a likely result is the continuing presence in No 10 of the Fish Faced Cow May herself.

    Things seem to have gone quiet the last week or two.

    I pray that is because the foul MC/CM bitch is fighting a desperate –and losing–rearguard action to save her arse–metaphorically speaking.

    Sawney Bean wouldn’t accept the real one as a gift.

  5. Re: “Getting shot of her foreign dacha” (a phrase I enjoyed, BTW):

    Whenever I’ve ever heard her speak of this, the formulation has been (indignantly) “..I do not have a house IN ITALY”

    (My emphasis, definitely not hers.)

    So where is it now, then, Pols?

  6. There’s about 1m Kiwis living overseas, a fifth of the population. It also has some of the most shoddily-built property you’ll ever see in a (nearly) first world nation. Maybe the new flats they’re building in Auckland are better and that’s why they don’t like the Chinese buying them.

  7. “the most shoddily-built property you’ll ever see”: the house we lived in wasn’t particularly shoddily built. It was certainly lightly-built, as befits a country where an earthquake could tumble it about your ears any moment. We did admire the way the bookcases had been firmly attached to the walls. A toppling bookcase could squash a rugrat flat.

  8. I just love his from Polly:-

    “Another hideous blot on the skyline is no more than gold bars in the bank, joining acres of vacant, dead-eyed streets. Kensington and Chelsea – where the Grenfell Tower fire happened – is the only London borough with a shrinking population, due to empty property bought as investment”

    Well, if only one London borough is seeing a drop in population due to this HIDEOUS practice, it would seem not to be the terrible problem Sadiq and you are convinced it is would it Poll.

  9. “..I do not have a house IN ITALY”

    I have a a villa/condo in Italy
    I holiday in a house in Italy, I don’t own it. Mutters thanks Groan lawyers for creating trust to own house.

  10. Bloke in Lower Hutt

    Who is buying houses in NZ isn’t the problem, the bonkers planning process as usual is strangling supply of land to put new build on which is causing prices to remain eye wateringly high. The new housing minister hinted as much after two days in the job, then the pledge went from ‘we will build 100,000 affordable homes’ to ‘we are going to try to build 100,000 affordable homes’. Spoiler alert, they won’t get the chitties to build homes on the land before they are turfed out.

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