Roman wasn’t interested

French feminists have interrupted a retrospective of film-maker Roman Polanski in Paris, with a topless protest against the Franco-Polish director who has been accused of a string of sexual assaults.

Adult women you see, actual norks.

16 thoughts on “Roman wasn’t interested”

  1. French feminists seem to have a thing about topless protests, don’t they? And there do seem to be some remarkably fit French feminist protesters. I don’t think this is the sort of thing we ought to condemn. Not at all.

  2. What has showing their tits got to do with Polanski’s situation?

    This is just an excuse for ludicrous female exhibitionism.

  3. BiS–If the girls want to put on a show so much the better. It is the pathetic attempt to disguise their sexual oddities behind politics that rankles.

    Far better would be a Cirque d’Soleil type show with fireworks and the said topless leftist girls stained various vivid colours all marching around the streets of Paris leading a procession to the Big Top. “Big Tops to the Big Top” is the slogan I think.

    Such a spectacle would be a positive thing and generate good memories for all–rather than the endless piss n’vinegar thought-poison of socialism

  4. @blokeinspain the problem is the British ones and the American ones might start copying them.

    Don’t know if you’ve ever seen a bloke called Crowder who is a right pundit in the US, he occasionally dresses up as woman and pretends to be a feminist transexual and interviews the feminists. He looks really terrible, but still more attractive than those he films …

  5. Women are protesting against sexual assault and the sexual objectification of women, etc. by… flashing their tits for the cameras? The human race is not getting any smarter, is it?

  6. “Greek-French director Costa-Gavras, saying last week it does not intend to “take the place of the justice system”

    it’s a good point. Highly unusual for creative types to employ it. I wonder if he’s consistent with this or it’s the special defence mechanism brought out the bag for the sake of the VIP and not to be used for lesser rapists who aren’t worth the hassle.

  7. This is disgusting and terrible. I am shocked and horrified. Mainly by the Guardian including those pictures in their coverages

    Are there any better pictures of the protesters anywhere?

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    The Cinémathèque, which is partly state-funded, ruled out pulling the event, with its president, Greek-French director Costa-Gavras, saying last week it does not intend to “take the place of the justice system”.

    I look forward to the Leni Riefenstahl retrospective then.

    By the way, when looking at that article the number one recommendation to me is this one:

    The two Hawaii women who were lost at sea for five months had an emergency beacon aboard their sailboat that was never activated, the US coast guard has said.

    Lost at sea for five months and these two empowered women were too stupid to know they had a means to summon help? Or another stupid fictional story of women breaking barriers turns out to be false?

    Not looking good for the sisterhood.

  9. What’s wrong with it is the media reporting their protest seriously just because they have their tits out. Not saying that Polanski isn’t worth protesting about. But 60 000 football fans have a protest march, and the media won’t report it. A few women get their tits out, major news story. (If you want tits look at some porn.)

    You can get twenty unwashed professional protesters waving placards and the BBC and Guardian will report it like it’s important, if it fits the their politics. Anything else, they ignore. This is not news reporting, this is blatant manipulation.

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