So, coding letters, umlauts and things

OK, so , ALT + 0228 gives ä.


And now the big question. Is there an ANSI code for an i but with a little heart replacing the jot?

Yes, I know, but…..or a Unicode or something?

Specifically want to be able to have a heart as the jot, not as a separate letter or image…..

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  1. There may be a font which has that. Windows has a character map called something like charmap.exe which you can use to identify everything that each font can do. I have some fonts called wingdings, wingdings1, symbol which contain no letters but have various more of less useful bits and bobs. You need to find the font which incorporates your i-with-a-heart.

  2. If you go to you can search for all the codes with “heart” in their description.

    Short answer – no.

  3. DocBud is right – you need a specific font that incorporates the heart over the i. Go to and search for heart. Unfortunately most of the fonts it will bring up are handwriting-type fonts, often tagged “girly”, but maybe that’s what you want. Is this for a Ritchie wind-up?

  4. For years I’ve been threatening to lightly rewrite a Barb Cartland just to see how they work. Need this for the cover art.

  5. If it’s for cover art, you’ll be after vector illustration, so clip art in inkscape should do the job.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    You would need a combining Unicode glyph for that and there isn’t one with a heart (the combining glyphs are usually things like diacritics such as U+0325 COMBINING RING BELOW → X̥). U+0131 is LATIN SMALL LETTER DOTLESS I so you could do something like ı̐ by adding U+0310 COMBINING CANDRABINDU, but not with a heart. You could do it in CSS but that wouldn’t make camera-ready copy. Three minute’s work in Illustrator will do the job, though.

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