So, the BBC’s just like society then and for the same reason

A study of the corporation’s wages showed a 9.3 per cent median pay gap and 10.7 per cent mean between men and women, created largely by fewer senior management roles taken up by females.

For that is pretty much the only reason for the gender pay gap that we do see across society. Fewer women than mean grasp the brass ring at the top of the greasy pole.

And that’s pretty much it. The cause, as we know, is kids and their care. And until 50% of men are primary child carers it’s not really going to go away.

At which point, well, what should be done? My answer is nothing but others?

6 thoughts on “So, the BBC’s just like society then and for the same reason”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    There is a solution! Swedish women are strangely less likely to become billionaires or rise to the top than American women. Even less so compared to most other countries. The reason seems to be that Swedish men are so nice women take what I call the Mia Sara option – they get knocked up and find some shlub to take care of them [1]

    So the worse and more unreliable men are, the more women have to rely on themselves, and hence the more likely they are to start their own businesses and otherwise rise to the top.

    The ultimate example of this is Black America where Black women earn more than Black men. Start a lot more legal businesses too.

    So we should raise our sons to drink more, slap their women around, refuse to work or hold down a boring job, avoid responsibility wherever possible.

    Then the wage gap will narrow and that’s what really counts, right?

    [1] For the record, I call it the Mia Sara option because Ms Sara uttered these lines in Feris Bueller’s Day Off but they tested so poorly among women they were cut from the film. I do not want to imply that Ms Sara would believe any such thing. Although she did, of course, marry a rich man and stop making films. Lucky [email protected]

  2. ohh they should publish an adjusted figure that takes out the barren women in the top grades and puts them with the men. That would make the glass ceiling a little more opaque to the aspirant feminist mother.

  3. 50% Of men are primary child carers AND give birth. The time away from work on maternity leave helps the pay gap along in a big way

  4. The BBC will just ensure equality of outcomes. Virtue will have been signaled. Only the programs will get worse.

  5. If society believes that is must compensate primary carers for the financial damage incurred by being a primary carer, society could put its hand in its pocket and give money to primary carers to top up their income to compensate for being primary carers. We could call it something like a being-a-family-carer allowance, or a child’s-primary-carer benefit. Might be able to find some short catchy name for it as well.

  6. In order to attract a desirable mate, men must compete with other men for their rank in the male dominance hierarchy, and this translates directly into men contesting each other for positions within the workplace. In contrast, women are judged according to youth, beauty and chastity/fidelity, so are less motivated to do what it takes to climb the greasy pole.

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