This is a terribly revealing wording

The gender pay gap for workers in their 20s has grown as women beginning their careers earn less than their male colleagues.

From plus 3% to minus 2%.

Women’s organisations suggested that the disparity was due to the different industries chosen for men and women for their careers.

Revealing phrasing. As if there were some Fat Controller allocating people to different jobs on the basis of their gender. When, even if such gender sorting is occurring, it’s from the individual decisions of the people involved.

7 thoughts on “This is a terribly revealing wording”

  1. Welcome to Advocacy-Land where your starting point is a gripe and you seek funding from the tax-payer-supported Institute for the Severely Put-Upon.

  2. I had an instance recently, regarding a Harvey Weinstein situation. A guy cannot say anything sexist, but a woman is allowed to wear what she likes. In the former case, the guy is not allowed to invite a relationship from a woman, in the latter, she’s making a statement about herself. Like “I’m looking for sex chum, you man enough?” I suppose.


  3. It’s the usual narrative, though. Gender is assigned by doctors, class is assigned by old white men, and everything that’s potentially ‘unsafe’ should be regulated by SJWs. If your answer to everything is to put someone in charge of it…

  4. It’s the Telegraph so mainly what it is revealing is that the writer was a 22 year old halfwit and that no sub-editor was involved.

  5. So now women in their twenties earn 2% less than men in their twenties? Did the Telegraph run breathless, worried articles back when men in their twenties earned 3% less than women in their twenties?
    I think i know the answer to that one.

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