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A 16-year-old Massachusetts teenager who finished first in a regional tournament this week was denied the trophy and an opportunity to play at the state high school golf championships because she is female, according to a local media report.

High school student Emily Nash, 16, shot a three-over-par 75 at the Central Massachusetts Division 3 boys’ golf tournament on Tuesday, four strokes ahead of the runner-up, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette reported.

Given musculature a boy entering a girls competition would have an inbuilt advantage. Sure, golf’s not quite so much about physique as tennis or golf but it does still matter. And we do in fact have rules keeping even certain forms of intersex let alone pure males out of such intended for female only competitions.

So, should we have the same about nominally male competitions?

Hmm, actually, if you didn’t have equal rules either side I rather think that you would fall foul of US discrimination law, wouldn’t you? Girls can enter boys’ competitions, boys cannot girls’, there’s a lawsuit given that country.

Male, female and open would seem to be the only way to organise this.

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  1. Some years ago there was girl who played cricket for the Cambridgeshire under-somethings. She was a decent medium pace bowler if memory serves.

  2. She played off the same tees as the boys, as they said in the story (a high-school tournament might have had them all play off the ladies’ tees – boys often do, and I’m not entirely certain when they would switch over to the men’s tees).

  3. dearieme, there was also that famous Australian fast bowler, Lillian Thompson….. until she split into Thompson and Lillee.

  4. The Committee didn’t expect her to win when they were nice enough to let the cute little girl play.

    In Mesoamerica, the boys would be sacrificed. What do you think, Ecksy?

    BC, there is the “Whaley Rule” in the U.S., at least for professional tournaments.

  5. What’s prevalent is the acceptance that girls/women can enjoy exceptions that wouldn’t be countenanced for boys/men.
    Have a rule and by all means have exceptions (to prove it) but be fair and consistent with your justifications. Golf wouldn’t be Golf without rules and pendants for those rules, and don’t much care, but take cub scouts (girls can join, and woe betide not letting that happen) but brownies are girls only. Result: long waiting lists for cubs (the only ones boys can join) shorter waiting lists for the restricted entry division. This is unfair in design and in outcome and there is no justification mentioned let alone a fair and consistent one.

  6. Yes all the articles on this were not very well thought-through.

    If men were allowed to play in women’s competitions and win them then you wouldn’t get many female winners at all. How can all these commentators not see that inevitable corollary I don’t know.

    Good on her for ‘winning’ it though.

    The ‘correct’ complaint would be if there were no similar women’s tournament she could try to win. But strangely that important fact has been left out of the reporting I’ve seen.

    Thankfully the girl herself seems to get this and expresses only mild disappointment.

  7. It’s idiocy to proclaim that because boys can’t – say – play girls rugby, it would be rotten unfair if a once-in-a-blue-moon girl golfer in a boys tournament can’t have the prize. A foolish consistency is being sought that lacks all sense of proportion.

  8. “If men were allowed to play in women’s competitions and win them then you wouldn’t get many female winners at all.”

    Even worse, you wouldn’t get many female players.

    For many years, my golf club had a female player who was very good. When the annual women’s club championship came around, she would be the only entry. Every one else always said, “Stephanie is going to win, anyway.”

    Though true, that doesn’t happen with the men. 75 will sign up for the men’s championship, enough that it can be flighted, even though everyone knows who is going to win the championship flight.

    Women have a different attitude about it.

  9. My little gun club runs Seniors, Colts and Ladies competitions, the same layout for all. In theory a Lady could win two trophies in the one comp. It has never happened, but there is no physical reason why ladies cannot compete with men shooting clays. I suspect the Ladies trophy is there just to encourage more to join in with a predominantly male dominated sport. Amusingly, though, a young lass in the colts class is shooting so well that the boys are demanding a separate girl’s trophy because she keeps thrashing them. In fact, she thrashes most if not all of the seniors as well, and if she sticks with it, when she graduates I suspect she will be cleaning up all the trophies n a regular basis. As she is such a pretty, polite and charming girl that many of the old fart members have known since she was in nappies, we are mostly quite proud of her and will not have the slightest problem with this. There will be one or two that will moan and complain to the secretary that she should only be allowed a ladies trophy. Happily, though, I am the secretary and I will tell them to fuck off.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    When I was on the committee Harleyford GC we had a girl enter the Club Championship which caused all sorts of uproar because the assumption was that it was the Men’s Championship because the women, seniors and juniors (mixed) each had their own. She wasn’t going to be Club Champion because she her handicap was 12 and we had a very promising junior called Tyrell Hatton who cleaned up every competition he entered. However we did run a handicap competition alongside it so she would have been in with a chance of winning that, but she didn’t.

    The loudest complaints came from the ladies’ section and the following year it became the Men’s Championship. (For the record I supported her and played in the same group as so many men refused to enter if they were likely to be drawn in the same group)

    Bridge congresses tend to be split in to Open, Women’s Seniors because a lot of women don’t like the aggressive bidding styles of men.

    In my youth in Yorkshire it was fairly common for cricket teams to have women in them because there weren’t any women’s leagues, and they were always there on merit.

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