This is how it works Grant

Grant Shapps has told Conservative colleagues that he has been subjected to an unprecedented level of “abuse and bile” since being outed as the ringleader of an attempted coup against Theresa May.

If you win then you’re a hero, bright new dawn and party united behind you. If you lose you’re abused.

That’s just how it works, has done since the first king looked nervously at the plans of his brother.

7 thoughts on “This is how it works Grant”

  1. Hopefully he is a stalking horse to send a shot across the bitch’s bow. His “career” isn’t going anywhere ever so he fits the bill nicely.

    A real challenge will be along shortly it is to be hoped.

    It better had be. Because if BluLabour are stupid and moribund enough to go to the next election with that Fish-Faced Useless Automation Cow and her remainiac gang still in post then the election will be won by ZaNu.

    Also Shapps needs to name names to help identify and end the careers of as many remainiac scum Tory MPs as possible.

    Breathe Smogg for King.

    Also Theo this is what happens when the actual membership have f-all say in who runs the show. Had the members a real voice May’s fat arse would be out the door faster than a Mary Poppins take-off in a high wind.

  2. What alternate universe does Grant Shapps inhabit? When I was young you could get beaten up for voting Conservative (or for having parents that voted Conservative) or have a brick through a window that displayed a Conservative poster. He should change his name to “Cry-baby Shapps”

  3. Alan Clark 21 Nov 1990 – after 1st round of leadership contest.

    “She herself is going to find it highly difficult to reassert her authority, even if she eventually emerges as the victor. Short that is of giving them the full coup losers treatment- arrest, manacles, beaten up in the interrogation room, shot while trying to escape. Real blood in other words. Fun, but a bit Angolan.”

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