This just isn’t the same I’m afraid

and I’ve comforted a 16-year-old crying uncontrollably after a man in his 40s had barked at her to “Come on, be sexy darling! You can do better than THAT!”

She’s selling the image of youth, fertility and sexiness. If she can’t she shouldn’t be, should she?

17 thoughts on “This just isn’t the same I’m afraid”

  1. JuliaM, I found that training as an army medic cured me of my fear of needles and quailing at the sight of blood. My company Sgt Major said “Get over it, man. The time to worry is when it’s yours”.

  2. Now its the tough life of being a model is it?

    As I said the vile scum of the left–the arch-disciples of the very Prince of Lies–try to turn even own goals back to their advantage.

    By all means drop in Weinstein’s name–after all Jimmy Saville is so 2010–but get it in there quick. Thus the low-info readers will get the sex abuse angle. But won’t get the Hollywood-leftists-supported-and-covered-up-for-him bit. While said leftists were shouting about sexism and women’s right not to be abused by any male not a leftist or leftist ally.

    It looks like they are succeeding in their plan to make the Weinstein caper nothing more than chapter two million in the Marxist femmi-scum narrative ” all men are pigs”. And thus hiding the “leftist liars and hypocrites” angle which is the real message worth taking away from all this.

  3. It is what she is meant to do, but there is no reason why he cannot be polite when he speaks to her – probably more effective as well.

  4. @anon
    When getting people to do things, often in their own interests, polite sometimes works. And sometimes being rude & agressive & kicking their arses works a lot better.
    Welcome to the Reality.1.0

  5. Don’t these girls have mothers who can tell them what is the most likely outcome of trying to trade youth and beauty for fame and fortune?

    I’m afraid all I see is chapter 349 in “females shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of their actions.”

    The most likely outcome is not that you will get a break without having your bottom touched, but that the breaks will go to the girls who can be trusted to keep their traps shut.

  6. re: Henry Crun
    Reminds me of a scene from Count Zero where a young punk was pretty badly cut up in a robbery and some powerful gangsters send him to a back alley doctor to get patched up. Bobby Newmark wakes up to see a metallic centipede on his chest sewing up his bloody wound. The ‘doctor’ gleefully assured that he’ll be all right and all of the blood are his.

  7. “How much pressure is acceptable before “oh ok, just do it then” doesn’t count as consent?”

    About as much as men get to spend their money on their GFs, wives and SOs, or no nookie for them.

  8. @ JuliaM
    “Phobia” – well depends how it is “expressed” – one of my close friends wanted to become a doctor until she found that she fainted at the sight of blood.

  9. @ JuliaM

    Andrew Brangwyn, who is seeking a £140,000 payout, was dismissed after his anxiety led him to stop going to work in 2012.

    Mr Brangwyn, 65, worked as an occupational therapist teaching carpentry skills to patients at Royal Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital.

    As an OT one of his jobs would be helping patients overcome phobias.

    Sounds like he wanted to retire and still be paid.

  10. And there are lots of unsexy women to wear them –which sort of brings us round full circle.

    Ugly women rarely get sex-pestered.

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