Well, so McCarthy was right then

Popular ‘Blacktivist’ social media accounts were reportedly run by a Russia-linked group – not American activists – according to CNN. They used these accounts to spread pro-racial diversity messaging like topics on #BlackLivesMatter and and to promote anti-police brutality events. CNN reported on Friday that they also used the accounts to manufacture and sell merchandise such as t-shirts with black pride slogans. Apparently, the aim of their activities was to “stoke outrage” and “amplify racial tensions” in order to influence the 2016 U.S. election.

Well, OK, not McCarthy as he’s long dead. And not actually BLM either, as there’s nothing at all to suggest that Russia has been paying them. But, still, fun, no?

16 thoughts on “Well, so McCarthy was right then”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well McCarthy was right. About pretty much everything.

    And Moscow has been spreading lies about the US for years. The Left only cares now, why?

  2. It’s well known that George Soros has provided most of the BlackLivesMatter funding, aimed at influencing American policy and capturing the media message.

    When Soros realised that the approach was counter-productive he pulled the funding and all of the “professional activists” returned to whatever they had been doing beforehand (i.e. doing it for money, not because black lives actually matter)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russians were involved (as the reasons why Soros does what he does have never been clear), but it wouldn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to see collaboration with the Russians to achieve a common goal.

    Fortunately, the more idiotic antics of BlackLivesMatter probably caused Hillary to lose the election, so it’s not all bad.


  3. “russian connected”?
    Dunno. If I was doing some activist politicizing, these days, I’d be doing it through a VPN & a server in Russia. Much less chance of my own country security thugs being given free access to my data.

  4. Standard divide & conquer tactics on the part of Russia (if it is indeed them behind this). Paint the country as racist, make everyone ashamed to be American, and before you know it Texas will be voting for independence. Same tactics we see Russia using in Eastern Europe.

  5. More leftist attempts at being the Alcock and Brown of Bullshit.

    Why, however, is that cunt Soros (and his brats) still walking around?

    Again were I PM the 3 of them would be collared and given a small amount of time to think of any reason why they would prefer a very nasty set of consequences contingent on silence/inaction rather than sign over every penny they have in the world and then naming all the names.

  6. George Soros is 87, so likely he will be dead of natural causes very soon and the world will become a slightly less chaotic place for his passing.

    I hope he goes straight to the deepest pit of hell for his crimes and political / social meddling.

    As for the rest…come the revolution they will all be hanging from lampposts with piano wire.

    Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis

  7. So the Russians, allegedly, promoted Democrat policies and ideas and this means Trump…what?

    I don’t think it is a matter of what policies either party or their candidates supported, that was pretty much happenstance. What was important for the Russians that the BlackLivesMatter protests were having a destabilising effect and were a distraction for the political process, it was this that the Russians were trying to exploit, not for a specific Russian goal of getting any particular candidate elected, but rather just to weaken their political opponent the United States itself.

    The USSR may be dust on the wind, but many of the attitudes still remain and the USA is still seen as the enemy.

  8. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    John Galt – nasdrovnye!

    Yarp. KGB used to be big league supporters of environmentalism, “anti-racism”, “peace” activism, etc. … in Western countries.

    Demoralise, destabilise, destroy.

  9. So, in any eventuality, blm activists are morons, easily manipulated or just doing it for the money?

    There was a video recently of a BLM leader being allowed to talk at a trump supporters rally who spoke a lot of sense and made friends with people he thought would never like him.

  10. The McCarthy was right crowd ignore that he was taken out only after he went off the rails.

    If he’d been allowed to keep going it would have turned into a purge, with everyone fearful for being incriminated.

    Would a massive purge of the US army have been very helpful? Is there any evidence the army was corrupted?

    The man was an idiot drunk, and he could have caused mayhem if he has been allowed to.

    That Hollywood was riddled is indisputable. But he wasn’t brought down for going after Hollywood.

  11. @ John Galt
    The weekend FT has a piece starting with Charles Eugster who took up athletics at 85 (he’d been a good oarsman in his youth) and won some world V95 championships. So don’t get your hopes too high.

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