Well, yes, it does happen

Apple is looking into multiple reports of batteries swelling within new iPhone 8 Plus smartphones, which apparently broke them open as a result.

At least five separate reports of the new 5.5in iPhone 8 Plus smartphones have shown deformed phones, swelled batteries and screens being detached from the aluminium bodies of the devices.

It’s happened to me. Not with an iPhone I hasten to add, I’ve not spent the price of one of those on my entire lifelong (erm, decade long) phone ownership. But an old Sony that’s exactly what did happen. Battery swelled up and cracked apart the phone.

2 thoughts on “Well, yes, it does happen”

  1. It has happened to my Alcatel 4G modem too.

    It’s got a new battery in it now, the cover is off, but I suspect that we’re going to need a new battery per year (and annoyingly there must be a battery in it for it to function when plugged in).

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s gonna be fun when we’re all bombing around in our electric cars and suddenly batteries start swelling and bits drop of the car.

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