Well, yes, OK, challenge these statements

The BBC has apologised to viewers for airing an interview with Lord Lawson in which he was allowed to deny climate change without challenge.

The corporation has now admitted that the interview was a breach of its own editorial guidelines, after the former Government minister claimed that global temperatures have not risen in the past decade.

Well, go ahead then, challenge them.

The controversy was caused in August when Lord Lawson said that a UN body on climate change had “confirmed that there had been no increase in extreme weather events”.

He added that “during this past 10 years, if anything, mean global temperature, average world temperature, has slightly declined.”

As far as I’m aware at least the first statement is true the second, well, I’ve not been following the twists and turns but it’s at least potentially true. For the last decade that is – not so for many but then that’s not what he said either.

16 thoughts on “Well, yes, OK, challenge these statements”

  1. Uncovered by the BBC and other mainstream media is the embarassing pause of roughly eighteen years when, on official figures, the average global temperature refused to conform to the models and remained level. The El Nino event of 1915 which pushed temperatures up dramatically(as had the 1997 event) was enthusiastically embraced by the CAGW as proof their ideas worked but alas for them the temperatures have dropped back to where they were beforehand. Lord Lawson is correct.

  2. There are at least 2 very good reasons that lord Lawson was not challenged. Firstly, the noble lord is right on top of his brief, and secondly, there is no Warmist activist who can debate matters of fact against him successfully. Thus the Warmist lobby is reduced to ad hom attacks and the future denial of a platform for the counter-consensus after the event.

  3. “Has the BBC ever apologised for allowing global warming advocacy without challenge?”

    As well as remoaner advocacy, socialist advocacy, etc. etc.

  4. History reveals several of what might be termed logistic triumphs.

    D-Day is one. The Yanks getting the USS Yorktown repaired in 48 hours after the Coral Sea. Wellington’s Peninsular campaign etc.

    But with proper, diligent planning shutting down and wiping out the BBC in 24 hours flat will likely be the biggest logistic triumph of all time.

  5. The BBC is a fvcking joke and needs a name change – ideally including the word propaganda so its current purpose is transparent.

    It is no longer competent on any level except perhaps the Saturday night Soma of Strictly and seems to exist mainly for the enrichment of its employees and pursuit of SJW aims.

    Michal Husain is a fvcking useless interviewer on Toady on Radio 4 regularly being bested and ignored by her interviewees – Boris Johnson made her sound like a timid primary school child.

    Yet purely by being from two “disadvantaged” groups – female and muslim, she is able to press for equal pay with her male colleagues despite being objectively incompetent.

  6. Does Lord Lawson deny climate change? I don’t think so.

    I believe he challenges the view that Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is taking place and that we must regulate our way back to the seventeenth century in order to somehow avert this non-existent disaster, as do all sensible people, but I’m pretty sure he agrees with the proposition that climate changes.

  7. Philip Scott Thomas

    What BraveFart said. Hussein is regularly bested by a guest, and her response is always the same: to get louder and screechier.

    Mind, Sarah Montague, AKA Lady Brooke, isn’t much better. Amusingly, she often finds herself in over her head and ends up just talking nonsense. I suspect she belonged to the pony club set as a girl.

    Nick Robinson is a smug, patronising bastard, while Humphrys refuses to let an interviewee answer a question before asking another, so impressed with his own cleverness is he.

    The Beeb, or at least the R4 arm of it, seems to have given up any pretense of impartiality and balance regarding Brexit. The whole project, they daily remind us, is doomed to inevitable failure.They both reflexively loathe Trump and are obsessed with him, so spinning every story about him in the way best calculated to smear him.

    It’s past time to let slip the dogs of Ecksianism on the lot of them.

  8. I’m quite prepared to believe that the world has, on average, become rather milder during much of my life. The joke is, though, that it’s impossible to put a reliable number on the effect because the Warmmongers have fiddled the data so much.

  9. Standard Beeb interview technique. If it is something that fits their agenda the guest gets asked

    “Would you be able to set out your views at great length while I make sympathetic noises?”

    If it isn’t, the guest is asked

    “How can you justify the deaths of seals and babies and baby seals which your policy might well encourage?”

  10. AndrewC

    That is precisely spot on – hilarious!

    What makes me laugh is that Corbynites (and indeed the Murphmeister himself) accuse the BBC of being ‘Hard Right’ or ‘neoliberal’. You have to wonder if debate with such beings is desirable or even possible?

    ‘Listen, and understand – those Corbynites are out there. They can’t be bargained with, they can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity or remorse, and they absolutely will not stop – ever, until we are dead’

  11. ‘The corporation has now admitted that the interview was a breach of its own editorial guidelines’

    Truth will NOT BE REPORTED!!!

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