What wondrous obfuscation

According to a new report from Quartz, Facebook plans to sign conservative magazine Weekly Standard as a fact checking partner. Several outlets currently work as fact checkers for the platform, though all the outlets Facebook has signed thus far have been approved by the Poynter Institute.

Poynter does not include any right-wing news outlets on its list of media that follow its code of principles, but according to one person briefed on Facebook’s plan to strike a deal with Weekly Standard, the partnership is part of Facebook’s attempts to to “appease all sides.”

No one has applied long enough ago to go through the process that is. Several have applied and are in the process.


The Weekly Standard has a history of publishing far-right talking points, including saying the Iraq war was a “war to be proud of” in 2005 and calling medical marijuana a “charade” in 2010.

The conservative magazine also has a history of denying the reality of climate change, and recently ran an article it called “Dadaist Science.”

“Look under the hood on climate change ‘science’ and what you see isn’t pretty,” Nathan Cofnas wrote for the magazine in July.

In 2009, ThinkProgress reported that the magazine misrepresented an MIT professor’s study estimating the costs of cap-and-trade. At the time, the professor told ThinkProgress’ Joe Romm that “the Weekly Standard reporter ‘feigned stupidity’ in an effort to elicit answers that could be taken out of context and misrepresented.”

In order for the Weekly Standard deal to go forward, Poynter would have to approve the Weekly Standard as following its code of principles, a process that could take several weeks.

The obfuscation being that the code of principles means following the code when fact checking, not when publishing opinion pieces in your own magazine.

10 thoughts on “What wondrous obfuscation”

  1. Wow. Those things are ‘far-right’?

    The Iraq war being a good war was mainstream in the Labour Party.

    Medical use of canabis scepticism may be a bit whacky (I have no idea) but I’ve never heard anyone bang on about it.

    Climate change scepticism? Well I guess only the ‘far-right’ school themselves in the arts of philosophy of science, forecasting and environmental economics then.

    The weekly standard is a neoconservative magazine. Which of the author or any mouth breather who casually chucks ‘far right’ around knew what neocons think would be shocked at the non-right things they support.

    God damn it!

  2. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    The gay* “fact-checking” obsession that arose from the 2016 US presidential election needs to go the way of AIM and MySpace.

    It was always a dishonest logical extension of the Left’s pretendy cargo-cult veneration of Science!™

    Mr Trump said he’s opposed to zip-tying a plastic bag around everyone’s heads in order to prevent global warming, but this independent study by academics with blue hair and problem glasses proves that he is a woman-hating racist.

    I don’t want Facebook “fact checking” articles for me. I can already tell if it’s true or not, based on the number of likes and amen’s.

    Re: the Weekly Standard, I’ve never been able to work out what’s “conservative” about sending Christian boys overseas to fight Israel’s tribal enemies, while simultaneously inviting the Third World in to build mosques in America. But then, to be fair, Bill Kristol has never paid me money to understand this.

    *in a Sarah Silverman sense

  3. The Unused Testicle

    I always have a chuckle when I hear Lefties shout “The New Word Replacing Racist”, “Fascist” at someone who disagrees with them.

    They obviously don’t know the meaning of the word, or they’d realise just how fascist they themselves truly are.

  4. As Rob H says, the Labour Party was “far-Right” just a decade ago, and some of those ‘fascists’ are still senior in the party and in public life. Aghast!

    The BMA is clearly also “far-Right”, as they rejected marijuana for medical purposes just a couple of years ago.

    As for scepticism about Climate Change, that makes most physicists nazis then.

    Doesn’t this magazine ever stop to think that each time they throw “far right” around they diminish the impact, until it becomes completely meaningless?

    “Fact checking” is merely the latest mask covering the Left’s attempted domination of the media and promotion of the Narrative. No facts will be checked, only that opinions expressed match the narrow confines of what is acceptable at the time. Be careful though – goodthink now can become “far right” in not time at all.

  5. Well when you look under the hood of climate science you see papers unaccompanied by observations, results, data or calculations (Mann, Jones etc.)
    The mere fact that such assertions are published as science makes me wonder how thoroughly the rest has been checked.
    I’d call that ugly.

  6. ‘The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.’ – Ronald Reagan

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The Weekly Standard has more than a few NeverTrumpers on board as well. That might marginally rehabilitate it in the eyes of the Leftist scum who arrogate this ‘fact checking’ (censorship) to themselves.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    The Establishment on the Left and the Right is coming together to keep the Trumpkins down.

    Who cares?

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