What’s the address this week then?

MPs to launch inquiry into growth of pop-up brothels

What else would MPs be interested in?

13 thoughts on “What’s the address this week then?”

  1. They are, mostly, not brothels though are they, just a single girl working an area for a period of time. It’s just a natural extension of the airbnb/uber/tinder economy.

  2. David Moore,

    Indeed. What was the purpose of brothels? They were an exchange for blokes looking for a shag, and women looking for clients. It was like going into Reed, but for pussy.

    So, they’ve been replaced by the internet.

    The other thing is, I imagine Airbnb use isn’t just about getting shut down. A lot of women use hotels, and Airbnb is frequently cheaper.

  3. Keith Vaz likes being on parliamentary commissions. What sort of establishment did he frequent for getting bummed by East-European rent-boys?

  4. Well now that all crime is solved, Brexit is organised and coasting on its own and there is no threats from immigration they can now concentrate on the critical things impacting the UK.

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