Weighing just 2Ib 14oz she lay hooked up to wires and tubes in a neonatal unit on August 29, 1977.
But there was no anxious parent nearby, lovingly holding her minuscule hand, desperately willing her to live.
Because Melissa Ohden’s mother had left the hospital in Iowa, believing the toxic saline solution she’d been given over a five-day period when she was eight months pregnant had aborted her child.
However the procedure had failed but Melissa’s mother had no idea her daughter had survived, against the odds, until 36 years later.
After Melissa learnt about her traumatic start in life, she spent nearly two decades searching for answers and would discover her guilt-ridden birth mother had not wanted to have the termination.
Melissa also learnt that she is alive today because a nurse heard her weak cries, slight movements and gasps for breath as she lay discarded as medical waste and rushed her to intensive care.
And in a macabre twist, it emerged there was another nurse at the hospital who had instructed the others to ‘leave the baby in the room to die’.
Devastatingly, Melissa, who lives in Missouri, US, found out that that woman – one of the supervisors in charge that day – was in fact her own grandmother.

Nope, I’ve nothing to say about it either.

13 thoughts on “Whut?”

  1. Social Justice Warrior

    The story’s a fabrication, obviously – it’s in the Mail.

    The part about the failed abortion is true: the rest is made up, as the people who first published it have admitted.

  2. SJW–You have some brass neck Red calling others as liars.

    But in the spirit of socialist deceit let us call the story a “symbolic” truth. It serves to illustrate an unmitigated evil. That millions of kids are killed every year. Mostly because two turds just couldn’t wait to stick it in and wiggle it about.

    Still if you are already on board with a gang who have murdered 150 million people and have ruined the lives of hundreds of millions more what’s a few extra kids?

  3. Have they Paul? Rather than descending from on high to point your finger and sneer, perhaps you could provide a link to your assertion that it’s a lie? You smug cunt.

  4. I’d like to echo the comments Mr Ecks & Tony have made, though perhaps I’ll leave out the profanity….

    No wait. It’s fully justified in this instance.

  5. Paul the ‘Social’ ‘Justice’ ‘Warrior’ – driving by to let us know that the big fact is accurate (viable babies are being murdered – or if the murder doesn’t work, left to die) but that there may be some spin (though offering no proof – and no, I CBA to google, because it’s the big truth that counts, you indescribably vile cunt).

    Hey – look! Leftist progress.

  6. Yup, including “partial birth” abortions. So, full term viable human baby – top of head showing – suck the brains out – deliver and discard the rest.

    Because social justice.

  7. The SJW is a loathsome cunt, forced to defend the murder of children by his adherence to a vile political belief.

  8. jgh-Canada has no abortion law. And now it has an “assisted suicide” law. It has been suggested that doctors should be required to perform both, especially in rural and underserved areas. Equality of access is an important Liberal value.

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