Why should your sexuality determine your politics?

The troubling ascent of the LGBT right wing
Arwa Mahdawi


Some people might argue that the increase in rightwing LGBTQ people represents a move away from identity politics. Ultimately, however, it’s just a move back to the oldest form of identity politics. One in which the protection of whiteness and wealth trumps everything. But as some gay Trump supporters might be starting to realize, the right aren’t your friends, and eventually they’ll come for you.

At one level this is odd. Why should a taste for buggery or rug munching determine your views on inflation, wealth distribution or economic democracy?

The answer being that it has long been asserted that this should, even must, be so. Because that’s how the modern left coalition has been built, by trying to tot up the support of all who weren’t exactly so into one great big coalition. A vehicle where the wheels are going to fall off at some point when we get the internal contradictions of so many interests and views bumping into each other.

But much more importantly we’re actually seeing the vast and huge success of one of our recent social movements. No one really does much care about buggery and rug munching among consenting adults these days. It was indeed something of great import to generations past and now, shrug, Meh.

That movement for gay rights has won – as it should have done of course. But the political meaning of this is that sexuality is no longer – whatever the extent it ever was – a major determinant of views on anything else. That we’ve gay conservatives, gay racists, gay free marketeers, gay communists (the gay fascists were long with us of course) and gay every other flavour of anything at all under the Sun shows that gay isn’t an important qualifier, distinction, any more.

Exactly that variance of every other view among gay people precisely shows that gay liberation won. A vast victory for actual human and liberal freedom.

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  1. For people like the writer being gay isn’t just about being attracted to the opposite sex but an entire lifestyle/ideology. So any homosexual who doesn’t subscribe to their entire world view is either not a real gay or a traitor. Because they’re bonkers.

  2. There are three strands to the evil of cultural Marxism Tim.

    The first and senior branch is anti-racism–ie the creation of anti-white hatred.

    They got their start by taking 50 years odd to build a head of steam. Racism,racism, RACISM!!!!–until they have a vast well of hooping, hollering bullshit on the boil to the effect that racism is the worst thing evah. In fact it isn’t even as bad as socialism. Indeed the number one poster boy for racism –Adolf-WAS a fucking socialist tho’ lying leftscum desperately deny it. Without aggressive statism/socialism attached racism is a minor matter blown grotesquely out of proportion by the left in order to develop said anti-white head of steam.

    Then–with lots of negative emotion in the bag–the left started spreading it about akin to using a palette knife to smear their own shite on a flat surface.

    Other minorities are suddenly the left’s new best friends and the artificially generated well of outrage is unleashed on their behalf. Women /LBGTs etc are used to help undermine the family–most basic unit of bourgeois society.

    Finally the remains of their pot of outrage goes to the eco-freaks to undermine Western science and prosperity–it having long become obvious that socialisms claims of economic/technical superiority are bullshit on stilts.

    So any break in left-ranks, any prospect that any of their clients might break away or change allegiance obviously psyches the scum of the left in a big way.

  3. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    Twas always a load of wank, wasn’t it?

    “Well, I like moustachio’d bumsex, so I suppose I should also be in favour of handing over my country to inbred savages whose smelly brown god tells them to chuck me off a tower, too?”

  4. “Why should a taste for buggery or rug munching determine your views on inflation, wealth distribution of economic democracy?”

    This is where libertarianism – or, to be fair to you, Classical Liberalism – gets it wrong: culture is a far more important factor in determining a person’s politics than economics.

    Just look at the recent polling on immigration across Europe; to the amazement of the pompous commentariat, people were more concerned about the cultural effects to their society than the potential competition for their jobs or public resources.

  5. Gayness may not be an important distinction unless you happen to be gay and your gayness encapsulates your essential being.

    This memorable Owen Jones outburst illustrates the point.

  6. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    the racist, sexist and increasingly homophobic Trump administration

    As he watched the eyeless face with the jaw moving rapidly up and down, Winston had a curious feeling that this was not a real human being but some kind of dummy. It was not the man’s brain that was speaking, it was his larynx. The stuff that was coming out of him consisted of words, but it was not speech in the true sense: it was a noise uttered in unconsciousness, like the quacking of a duck.

  7. My argument works the other way around though too. Your views on, say, immigration, don’t or at least shouldn’t change your views on sex.

  8. It is quite simple really. They really are ‘troubled’ that there is dissent from within on the whole LGBT thing. The Tribe will not tolerate this, but how to deal with it?

    Easy. Make them ‘Other’, so the host can more easily expel them. The best way of making them ‘Other’ is to label them as “right-wing”, “far-right”, “neo-liberal”. The host will react as the human body does to a foreign object in the nose, sneeze it out without thinking. Once they are ‘out’ (no pun intended) the ideological purity of the Tribe is restored and they can go back to the single-minded persuit of being completely mad.

  9. Arwa once you’ve got liberation you’re supposed to be free to do whatever you like with it. It’s kind of the point.

  10. it’s disturbing to see so many gay people buy into the idea that our ability to come out depends on keeping brown people out.

    Yeah, nice try.

  11. After taking the support of LGBT types for granted for years – and thus ignoring them – lefties are suddenly amazed to discover that we aren’t one homogeneous group politically. Welcome to reality, Arwa.

  12. it’s disturbing to see so many gay people buy into the idea that our ability to come out depends on keeping brown people out.

    I suppose if you wish to deny that a not insignificant proportion of said brown people support making coming out illegal, sometimes even to the point of execution by beheading, stoning, or gravity, you might say that.

    Meanwhile back on planet earth, the link is FECKING OBVIOUS.

  13. Hallowed Be,

    You surely know the joke about the Hyde Park Corner speaker?

    SPEAKER: “And when the glorious socialist revolution frees us from our chains, we will share in the wealth and prosperity that has been stolen from us by the exploiter-class and their lickspittles and lapdogs! You, sir – yes, you! – will be driving down Park Lane in a magnificent Bentley, wearing a Saville Row suit with a fine silk top-hat-”

    AUDIENCE MEMBER: “Don’t want to live on Park Lane, sorr, I’ll stay in Suez Street wi’ my family and friends.”

    S: “Then you’ll be driving down Suez Street in-”

    AM: “Don’t hold with driving. Don’t like cars.”

    S: “Then you’ll be walking down Suez Street in a fine suit and a magnificent top hat-”

    AM: “Can’t abide top hats. Tried one on and it were horrible-”

    S: “Look, pal, when the glorious socialist revolution frees you from your chains, you’re going to do what I bloody well tell you to do, got it!?”

    The idea that the lumpenproletariat might make their own decisions is horrifying to a certain political grouping: they might choose… bad things! They might choose to watch “Strictly Come Baking” instead of subsidising nice operas!

    So, choices must be kept from them, for their own good of course, and their lives guided by their intellectual betters who will establish a benevolent, courageous State to take care of their every need, using the proven wisdom of expert central planners to efficiently allocate resources fairly and justly…

    I could go on but others here do it better…

  14. @clarissa

    As with the working classes, the left’s next view of LGBT types will be distain as they OUGHT to support Labour so there must be something wrong with them if they don’t.

  15. @Jason

    You were typing your post as I was typing mine, making the same point.

    The left KNOW what people ought to be thinking and what is good for people to be thinking so you are clearly at fault if you are not thinking it.

  16. Jack C,

    A while ago now (2005) but one troubling (and not well publicised) barometer of tensions in Basrah used to be how many murders and mutilations were committed by the various militia groups on a weekly basis.

    Now, while the Shi’a were the majority, the Sunni were in enclaves and had access to firepower, so simple sectarian or territorial killings – killing someone for following the wrong flavour of Islam, or being in AAK instead of JAM – were either criminal underworld-type infighting or deliberate “we want a proper fight and this is meant to start it” stuff.

    However, to keep their hand in and show presence, all the alphabet soup of armed scumbags felt that “making examples” of homosexuals was a good signal: ‘legitimate targets’ whose community were less inclined to protect them (and who would often happily sell them out for cash).

    There was also a suggestion, not confirmed, that the two most convenient ways to eliminate a rival in business, romance or crime was to (a) tell the Coalition he was an active terrorist so they’d get lifted, (b) put word around that they were gay so they’d be killed by one or other of the militias.

    Not really convenient for combining “tolerance of LGBTetc” with “we welcome our Islamic friends however extreme”…

    (The flip side of this was the old warehouse outside Majar-al-Kabir, but that’s a different story)

  17. Given the nature and factionalism of Identity Politics the people most likely to be throwing homosexuals from the top of buildings in a future Britain will be other homosexuals.

  18. Being gay AND right wing? We’ll encourage you to jump out of one closet as we hammer you back in to the other.

  19. (The flip side of this was the old warehouse outside Majar-al-Kabir, but that’s a different story)

    Is that the one where the Brits thought there was a major terrorist meeting going on, sent some bods to observe and deal with it, but it turned out to be a massive gay orgy?

    Good job it hadn’t been 2 Para Mortars doing the job :p

  20. And for a straight white male, you get metaphorically chucked off the tall building for (a) suspected of paedophilia or Savillism, (b) suspected of raping, sexual molesting or Weinsteinism, (c) suspected of Islamophobia or other ‘hate’ crime. It was easier in the past, where being suspected of being queer was enough to damn you.

  21. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    So the Progressive pitch to The Gays is, vote for us, and we’ll steal your money, hand over your country to aggressive foreigners who hate you, make you rummage through your own garbage like a tramp and freeze your balls off in the organic fairtrade eco-yurt we force you to live in, and expect you to unquestioningly support every insanity and devilry we can dream up, including cutting the dicks off of 3 year olds and having beefy, blue-haired feminists constantly berate you for not being inclusive enough of morbidly obese polyamorous peacock-fuckers or whatever the poz du jour happens to be.

    Sounds great.

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