Yes, this is very rare

A mother who falsely accused a hero police officer of rape after a one night stand has been jailed for 27 months.
Samantha Murray-Evans, 44, told the ‘wicked lie’ in revenge at being rejected by PC Paul Morgan after they met on the dating website Plenty of Fish.

So rare that we should never think of it for it prevents victims from coming forward.

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  1. These occurrences are so rare that there is a story about a false rape accusation on the front page of the Daily Mail about every week or so…?

    Not to speak of the vast numbers that never see the light of day because of failure to prosecute by the biased CPS.

  2. I wonder if the Guardian ever reports these stories? Perhaps that’s why some people think they are so rare, they never see them?

  3. One wonders if he hadn’t been plod if he would of go to trail.

    I suspect so, it seems common enough in he said she said cases.

    The problem is in a he said she said cases by definition one can not have beyond a reasonable doubt. The judges should never enter convictions, the CPS should never file charges.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I thought the woman changing her mind after the event had now been classified as rape, no matter how long had passed?

  5. The purpose of the marx-femmi inspired Operation Yewtree was to make “he said/she said” into “he said/SHE SAID”. In that it has largely succeeded. The trials of Old, White Slebs are only the tip of an iceberg of bullshit, uncorroborated, evidence (save in-court blubbering) free sex trials that have rousted large numbers of ordinary men about whom no one important gives a shite.

    As commenters have said had this bloke NOT been a copper the result would likely have been rather different.

  6. Incredibly rare. We went to a meeting with a PC the other day about the use of dashcams and how our local Force was using them and where you could send footage.

    Someone asked about bodycams for the Police ; he said they were increasingly in use. They’d caught this woman who apparently had accused a visiting Police Officer of rape, but the whole thing was on camera, and they were going to prosecute her.

    Very unlikely to be the same person as I live over the othe side of the country from Swansea

  7. @MrEcks . The change you are talking about actually took place 20 years ago, and has been rigourously abused against Residential Care/Education workers specifically since then.

    The change was the weakening of the rules to allow any allegations to be used rather than strikingly similiar ones (goes back to Brides in the Bath murders)

    This is why Plod had the BBC round for Cliff and made announcements from Heath’s doorstep. They’re trying to maximise complaints from nutters and compo chasers, which will then be used to prosecute on quantity a la William Roache or Rolf Harris, or indeed Savile.

    It effectively uses no smoke without fire as a legal tactic.

  8. Paul–I agree cultural Marxism was having an impact within the British State approx. 20 years ago so your take is likely correct.

    The body may have been infected some time ago but I think Yewtree –an operation with May’s Home Office behind it-was the first break-out syphilitic canker .

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    Paul – “They’re trying to maximise complaints from nutters and compo chasers, which will then be used to prosecute on quantity a la William Roache or Rolf Harris, or indeed Savile.”

    Which is actually what happened to Savile. NatWest froze his assets. A committee of lawyers looked into some 4,500 allegations against him. They tossed all but 400 or so on the basis that they were obviously untrue. But by then they had helped themselves to all the money so the remaining 400 odd people got about £1,500 each.

    His entire estate gone to the vultures – mainly of the legal sort – without a single conviction.

  10. And the actual “details” of the 400 cases “worthy” of payout will not be available for public scrutiny of course.

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