You’ve heard of the three words global addressing system?

Apparently we can do better. I am currently sitting in “dickmilk buffoon cockmaster prick fuckhead.”

Which does seem to work for a certain value of “Where Tim Worstall is sitting” at any one time.


5 thoughts on “You’ve heard of the three words global addressing system?”

  1. Most of England seems to start with the word “osti”. They could at least have programmed it so that Osti aligns with East Germany.

  2. The Speaker’s chair in HoC is ‘osti swine tallowcatch fagbag asswart’ A description of the current occupant that couldn’t be bettered!

  3. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    I was checking out a ste from the distant past

    it transates websites into porn articles. I don’t think it has been maintained as the results are rather disappointing, but it used to be hilarious.

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