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Exploratory talks to form Germany’s next coalition government collapsed shortly before midnight on Sunday when the pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) walked out of marathon negotiations.

“The four discussion partners have no common vision for modernisation of the country or common basis of trust,” the FDP leader, Christian Lindner, announced after the four parties involved missed several self-prescribed deadlines to resolve differences on migration and energy policy. “It is better not to govern than to govern badly.”

Always going to be tough to get the rightish social democrats, the free market headbangers and the Greens into the same government, wasn’t it?

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    “It is better not to govern than to govern badly.”

    Also no known as “no deal is better than a bad deal”.

  2. The obvious solution is to dump the greens in favour of AfD.

    I’m not a great fan of obvious solutions in general, but in this case it’d be a good’un.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    As BiI says, the obvious solution is an alliance with the AfD.

    The question is if Merkel does not do that, who will the voters blame? They will not be happy with Merkel unless they see her as the helpless bullied weak woman. Which may not help either. Just as the voters punished May, I think they may punish Merkel for dragging them back to the polls again.

    The question is whether the AfD will benefit from that – even though they must be in turmoil since losing their favorite crypto-lesbian leader? Or will the drunken half wit buffoon in the SDP?

  4. Item in Dutch newspaper (automatic translation):

    (Dutch Foreign Minister) Halbe Zijlstra: “They have only had one round of talks. In the Netherlands we took seven months. I think they have five months left, so I would say: just think again and maybe again start talking, instead of new elections. “

  5. The social democrat SPD aren’t party to the discussion, they have chosen to represent the opposition because their previous coalitionwith the CDU/CSU cost them votes last September and because it would leave the role of opposition leaders to the AfD.

    The FDP are far from being free market headbangers but rather closer to our Liberals of yesteryear and traditionally occupying the slender ground between CDU and SPD.

    The Greens are green – ’nuff said.

    The AfD are seen as toxic by all the rest and the feeling is mutual so the most likely replacement for the Greens would be Die Linke who have proved surprisingly tractable as coalition partners in Länder governments.

  6. I hope the entire “Knees Up Mother Fatcow” mess carries on for a decade.

    With Germany’s chief gang of organised traitors– ie the state–paralysed then the 50% of sane Germans only have to smash the 50% of cucks for good to triumph.

  7. I remember our Dutch friends telling us after the Brexit vote that their coalition system was so superior to ours because it prevented extreme opinion groups. Then their election happened and they were so shocked about the drift to the right that it took them, was it, 7 months (?) to form a government. Looks like something similar in Germany. Now’s the time for us to just settle with the EU and get on with the important bits.

  8. So a period without national government. And thanks to Cams winning the UK election in 2015 the new regulations being passed down by the EU has almost dried up. And the exchange rate has moved in the EU’s favour thanks to the British public vote in 2016.
    Europeans are having it good.

  9. @ Ted S

    Yes, I mean the SED and let’s not quibble about detail – the rump of the SED makes up a goodly chunk of Die Linke.

    But it and the AfD are legitimate political parties in the FRG so neither can accurately be described as “toxic to democracy” though it would be hard to argue that Die Linke’s antecedents favoured pluralism.

    As to the AfD, it’s not immediately apparent why you find them anti-democratic.

  10. What a mess!

    I don’t want to hear any crap from you Europeans about America’s two party system. Somebody always wins; ambiguity has no perch.

  11. Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong

    Loom, i know I’ve read a lot on here about Jewish world conspiracies, blacks being inherently inferior and so on, but even for people who are more than just flirting with the alt-right, the AfD are potential serious fucking trouble.

    Germany has a centrist CDU/SPD majority consensus. The parties to the right of that (FDP headbangers, CSU, and AfD) and to the left (green/linke) cannot work with each other.

    So clearly the best thing to do all round, and to keep “refugee” numbers down without going all Nazi, is to vote for the free market headbangers.

    What will actually happen is yet another grand coalition.

  12. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong – “the AfD are potential serious fucking trouble.”

    *Potential* trouble? As in, they are not actual trouble right now? While the Islamic rape gangs that the “consensus” parties are busy flooding Germany with are actually trouble. More than that really. Not even a clear and present danger. They are the future of Germany as it becomes an Arabic-speaking Muslim country.

    The AfD could dress up in Waffen SS uniforms and goose step through the Potsdamer Platz and they *still* wouldn’t be the biggest problem in Germany today.

  13. Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong

    The “Islamic rape gang” rhetoric is part of the problem and you are helping to cause it. Not because it is devoid of truth, but because it is ridiculously overblown.

    My fear like yours is being culturally overwhelmed by a culture that is less good than mine and yours. The AfD solution isn’t one, at least insofar as a “Nuremberg Laws 2” would see me on the first wagon to the camps.

    A functional solution would be enforcement of existing law (first safe country), which is only partly practical, and more importantly winning the war against the eurodestructive wing of the left. That would allow us to make refugee status unattractive enough to put off all but the genuine cases, and return at the end of hostilities all those who have not integrated of their own efforts.

    Unfortunately, it’s hard for liberal (real), libertarian, and conservative opponents of refugee takeover to make common cause with the rightist firebrand on this issue.

  14. Germany has a centrist CDU/SPD majority consensus.

    Therein lies the the problem. Helmut Kohl’s CDU didn’t look like Helmut Schmidt’s SPD but the lack of distinction between the two today has led to increased popularity of more distinct or (if you prefer) more extreme parties. It’s no surprise that the new Bundesländer with their weaker tribal ties to the old left-right divisions is where the AfD and die Linke have outperformed the rest.

    Incidentally, the distinction you make concerning the CSU is a little misleading. It is, after all, the CDU’s sister party in Bavaria so a coalition involving them but not the CDU is unthinkable, even at their current level of disenchantment with Fr Merkel.

  15. Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong

    That’s very true, but I feel the CSU has not really followed Merkel’s party into its slow-burn merger with the SPD.

  16. The “Islamic rape gang” rhetoric is part of the problem and you are helping to cause it. Not because it is devoid of truth, but because it is ridiculously overblown.

    I don’t think it’s overblown. We’ve already seen how mass Muslim immigration plays out in Europe, why would anyone think it will work out better in Germany than it has in France and Belgium? I think it’s obviously preferable to restrict Muslim immigration now rather than later. The longer you wait, the more powerful the immigrant constituency becomes.

    My fear like yours is being culturally overwhelmed by a culture that is less good than mine and yours. The AfD solution isn’t one, at least insofar as a “Nuremberg Laws 2” would see me on the first wagon to the camps.

    Maybe you’re the one who is overblowing things? Are they really proposing to revive the Nuremburg laws?

  17. You are lost in EuroCuck fantasy Biggie.

    No fucker is proposing to roll the beards to Belsen. Just to roll ’em back where the came from and their nasty habits with them.

    As for the emotional, mental and moral habits of black people you need to spend less time saving the world via Hong Kong and become the Bloke in Germany in Baltimore say.

    Perhaps spend a few weeks staying with Harm City’s Violence Guy and also without any cash for taxis or car hire in your usual well-heeled manner. Walking the streets and riding public transport among the paragons of humanity whose defence you are cuck-quick to rush to. If you survive you can tell us all about it. Tho’ of course if you are fortunate enough to survive you won’t be bright enough to learn from the experience.

  18. Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong

    Jerry, yes it is happening which is why we need a broad coalition against the promoters of mass Islamic immigration.

    Being less toxic would mean you can contribute ti making immigration controls a respectable mainstream view rather than poisoning it.

    Ecksy, last time no one got to vote on Belsen having been sold “back where they came from”. They won’t get to vote on it next time either. AfD are poisonous to the “stop Muslim immigration” viewpoint, incidentally a view that is shared by a majority of Europeans.

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