A strong woman deals with a sex pest

This is the bizarre moment a woman pinned down a ‘sex pest’ in the street, stripped off and rubbed her breasts on his face as he squirmed on the ground in a shocking anti-sexual harassment stunt.
The footage shot in Ribeirao Preto city centre, south east Brazil, shows a young saleswoman, who had been handing out flyers, pinning a man to the ground with her foot as she accuses him of pestering her in public.
A crowd of bemused onlookers watches as the t-shirt-clad woman berates the unidentified man on the pavement, telling him she is fed up of being ‘touched and sexually harassed while just doing her job.’

It’s possible that that’s just what he wanted of course but I rather doubt public shaming like that is everyone’s thing.

14 thoughts on “A strong woman deals with a sex pest”

  1. If being forced to motorboat a hot chick is an outcome of being handsy with women, I predict some unintended consequences of this campaign.

    Whether it’s staged or not.

  2. Perhaps Julia Hartley-Brewer should have done that rather than tell Michael Fallon she’d punch him if he touched her knee again.

  3. I remember listening to a woman on the radio or TV recounting an anecdote from her youth, wherein she and group of fellow senior schoolgirls, fed up with continued daily lurid suggestions from some weirdo to “sit on my face”, did gang up, pin him down in the street and take turns to sit on his face – in the manner of sitting heavily into a low chair. Apparently discouragement was achieved.

  4. The article says:
    “But the outrageous display is not all that it seems. The incident was staged by a theatre crew at the end of last year.”

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