A surprise, yes?

The head of Puerto Rico’s power authority has resigned amid a scandal over efforts to restore electricity to the hurricane-hit island, its governor announced Friday.

Governor Ricardo Rossello told a news conference that Ricardo Ramos had resigned as executive director of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority to avoid “distractions.”

The power utility being one of the causes of the island’s bankruptcy, the mismanagement (for which read shading into outright corruption as well as incompetence) having been that extreme.

Or, as we might put it, the perils of a one party state where the placemen get to share the spoils.

3 thoughts on “A surprise, yes?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Or, as we might put it, the perils of a one party state where the placemen get to share the spoils.

    Or as we might put it, feckless Latins are going to feck. Puerto Rico has all the institutional advantages of being part of the United States. Fair courts. Access to markets and to capital. Law and order.

    It is still a banana republic with the same political idiocies of the rest of the Latin America.

  2. @SMFS,

    Spot on.

    Latin America, Africa, Middle East & Asia are mostly still dictatorships even if Gov’t “elected” and living in a range from stone age to C19.

  3. How is Puerto Rico a one-party state? The Wikipedia article on the island’s politics has a table of past election results which alternates regularly between red and blue. Prima facie, it looks like any other democratic system.

    Their main problem seems to be the same as Greece: their economy isn’t growing as fast as that of their fellow currency union members. Like Greece, they’re suffering an outflow of both money and workers, leaving the government with high debts and no means to repay them. Default (and subsequent privatisation) of state-owned companies is the standard remedy.

    Breaking the currency union is, alas, politically infeasible.

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