Any tech type like to collaborate on a little adventure?

So, continuing to look around for things that can be done. And why not start to think like an economist a bit?

What is it that I know that I can do? What’s a comparative advantage?

Well, after a decade of doing it I do know that I can write stuff that Google picks up. Not necessarily exactly and absolutely the very finest of everything going viral but sound enough stuff that doesn’t violate guidelines an appears high enough in search (especially Google News).

So, perhaps that is what I should be doing?

But I have zero technical skills. And someone with reasonable technical skills would make a site trying to do that work much, much, better.

So, that’s the adventure. I’ll put in all the grunt work of producing material that appeals to search engines. On the tech side I need a site, all the background stuf that aids in search engine picking it up, plus signing up to ad networks an all that.

A little more. I’m convinced that static sites are the way to go here. Django, something like that. The front end should look like a newspaper site. Back end, as far as possible, something like WordPress (or other similar editor). But in the technical sense the site is static, not dynamic, in order to increase loading times. That increases search ranking all on its lonesome. Ads obviously will be dynamic but that doesn’t matter, Google ranks according to the page load, not what happens after that.

Hmm, so, anyone? I’ve a proven ability – on the right platform – to get 500k to 1 million page views a month. Ad rates, when you have a few different ads on a screen, are perhaps $5/000.


12 thoughts on “Any tech type like to collaborate on a little adventure?”

  1. That seems like a good plan, and a eCPM of $5 sounds about right.

    I think that, one day, you’ll regret going for a static site 🙂

  2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is probably what you want (as well as a decent web designer). The good sort of SEO not the crap snakeoil type.

    I’m a techie but on IP networks so not my thing.

  3. You can push wordpress through a static cache without a problem (as long a you aren’t using WordPress comments, you could use something like Disqus or Facebook).

    I’d be up for the technical gubbins – I’m a coder myself but work with a designer that might get involved.

    As long as it doesn’t work like Forbes – awful site.

  4. Just get a decent developer and you can use dynamic content with proper caching and it’ll behave like static content anyway….

  5. I can do all of the above, but what I’m not good at is design work. You definitely need a designer. I also have experience with site optimisation for SEO, including page load times. And it’s “decrease” you want, not “increase”.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Drupal is a nightmare for the uninitiated. You’re probably better off with Cloudflare. A technical bod to do the hard stuff will save you money in the long run and heartburn in the short. Hosting shouldn’t cost you much more than $20 a month. It’s very unlikely you’d need anything like AWS S3 but if you did that’s for sure the point at which you rent a DevOps guy. The big cloud services do all the hyperconvergence stuff for you so there’s really little need to get your hands dirty even as a site maintainer.

    But the lack of searchability is an utter killer. There’s some gold in the comments, for example, and the fact that it’s impossible to retrieve anything essentially precludes monetising the site. Plus it’s a bugger for long-time commenters. For example, the nuggets that Steve in his various incarnations has dropped over the years have been weepingly funny, and I wouldn’t mind re-reading them.

    None of this should be too expensive, but anyone trying to lowball you is probably a shyster. A grand or two is about right.

  7. @Justin. Yep. Decrease page load times, not increase. Site structure very important there.
    @Tim. Sure, content is king, but site design is critical. WordPress is OK, and it does support dynamic ads and guest bloggers (critical unless you want to do all your own writing)., and comments. You will need to concentrate on getting backlinks though (getting other sites to embed links to you within their own sites) to generate organic search cudos and high ranking in SERPs, and that requires both time and expertise. Good luck.

  8. This site is currently using WP SuperCache, so lots served semi-statically.

    Even then, and with hardly any images, this blog is edging up to the limits of the shared tenancy Dreamhost account (needs to be on a dedicated VPS as a minimum): however, on that note, Cloudflare is a good idea.

    Anything that can minimise the DB calls is good!


  9. @DK

    Anything that can minimise the DB calls is good!

    Oh, I’m super good at that. Over the summer I reduced the number of Db transactions for a client by 25% by improving their caching and stored proc calls. They went from 4bn transactions/ week down to 2.9bn. The reduced requirement for hosting costs is staggering.
    Improvements to one stored proc reduced average call times from 1.1sec to 7milliseconds.

    I don’t suppose anyone will read this now, but hey. I’m better at that stuff than html in WordPress.

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