Anyone any experience with essay writing services?

Casting around for some work. One obvious possibility is the various essay writing services out there. I should be able to turn out an econ essay after all.

Anyone got any experience as a writer of them? As a supplier to these companies? Any suggestions and all that?

I have something of a feeling that this is generally being done by Third World types and the rates of pay reflect that but who knows, maybe that’s not true?

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  1. One obvious destination of your writing skills is to cast your bread on the waters of e-reader publishing, such as Amazon Kindle. All you need is an MS Word document and a cover image, register, upload your stuff, choose a published price, and Bob’s your proverbial relative.

    I suggest a theme for your first novelette: a fat, lefty-lauded, twat who knows feck-all about anything, whose pronouncements are pounced on by other twats as genius, but which inevitably contain schoolboy fallacies.

    Oh, and he’s got an inferiority complex because he’s only got a tiny dick.

  2. Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong

    You seem determined to earn as little as possible from it.

    Because most audiences are small you have to have a speciality that keeps the group of suppliers small to earn a living, and customers who give a shit about quality. General writing to a low standard for an audience of 1 is therefore a bad move.

  3. BiG does have a point.You have the writing talent so worth looking for a wider field to exploit it.
    Agrees with my philosophy. Look for what people want. Actually LOOK & actually WANT. Not try & flog what’s easy for the flogger. Then work out a way to supply.

    I suffered watching Shades of Grey, last night. I think it may have been in Spanish. (Watched as in sat in the same room & occasionally made random comments to give the illusion of being awake) But there seems to be an inexhaustible female demand for S&M novels.

  4. Um, you have made me think. I could start an essay with something like “When I asked Ralph Miliband if he knew a good pub on Fleet Street…..” or “Monty wanted to know where the tanks were, so I told him they were stuck on a hill in The Teutoberger…..” and then go on to the economic implications.

  5. BiS

    Tele5. My wife watched it too. I read a book and grunted from time to time. She thought it wasn’t THAT bad. Me, it was worse than I expected and my expectations were already rock bottom. Vacuous was the word that came to mind, as it does (to paraphrase the Mogg).

    Soft porn for women. Still as you say. There is obviously a market (all female this one) and it seems to be a big one.

    Needs satisfying (the market I mean).

  6. Out of interest, bb, your’s get frisky. Mine did. Maybe the benefits of Tim moving into the market would be more nooky & better control of the household finances.

  7. I’ve not come across these services before. Isn’t it cheating?

    I looked up a UK service which charges £122 per 1,000 words for its “2:2” service, delivered within 7 days. There’s also the 2:1 (£138) or the 1st (£275).

    On that basis the rate for the writers must be pretty poxy, even at ‘1st’ level.

    They claim not to reuse essays but presumably recycling content (at least partially) is the best way to generate a profit.

    I wonder how they do it? It occurs to me that the most profitable method for something like this would be to pay an Indian postgrad tuppence to do each one, then pay a native English speaker to quickly edit and sharpen up the prose.

    I think I’d have a go at the spanky porn first…

  8. They will recycle essays, randomly inserting from a range of quotes / paraphrases.
    The lecturers get their own back by doing minor changes to essay questions each year. So what would get you an A2 one year with a particular essay will get you a E16 the following year as its not answering the question.

  9. The other issue with any sort of re-used content is that the widespread use of software like Turnitin which looks for plagiarism or copying: sell the same chunks of boilerplate a couple of times and it’ll start setting off the warning flags.

    Besides, in some fields essay-writing has been automated for decades:-

  10. A year or so ago I got an email from one of these sites asking me to sign up as a writer. I thought: may as well, I can turn down stuff if I’m busy or not interested.
    So I invested 30 minutes in typing up details. Subsequently never heard a squeek. You can’t speculatively send them stuff as you don’t knopw what stuff is needed. Whether you can make money from these things will depend on exactly which services you sign up with, and how much they bother to ask you for stuff. It’s the classic neoliberal precarious zero hours exploitation, initt. 🙂

  11. Essay writing services, Tim? If it became common knowledge that you were facilitating cheating, your reputation would be seriously damaged. And the Tuber would gloat. So don’t do it.

  12. @Tim Worstall. This sounds desperate. I prefer your other idea (new site with advertising). You could perhaps tag on a paid for ‘subscribe to ‘my essays” section which offers answers on the type of questions commonly dealt with on Economics degree courses within that. Depends on how distasteful you might find having to argue both the left and right perspective rather than just demolishing the former.

  13. An after thought…I hear from a friend of a friend that there are mega-bucks to be made from re-writing doctoral theses in good English for Gulf state students at Cambridge.

    The science was there, just not the English. Supervisor tells student to improve English: student hires help, as his government pays….Not sure how you tap into such networks, but you are talking (I believe) £5000 for 25 hrs editing (£200 hr).

    Once, I had a contact at a German university. She paid me £30 to correct her tenses and vocabulary in papers to be published in Enhlish language journals. It took me 30 minutes a paper at most.

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