Anyone want to have a stab at this?

The number of victims of sexual offences rose to 1.7 percent in 2015 and to 2.4 percent in 2016 from an average of 0.9 percent between 2005 and 2014.

“Young women aged between 16 and 24 is the group that’s most subject to sexual offences, with 14 percent of young women stating that they were victims of at least one such crime during 2016,” the council said. “Among men in the same age group, 1.2 percent said they had been victims.”

Young women are also subject to harassment to a greater extent, the council said. They survey contains no answers as to why a certain type of crime increases, and analysis is needed to improve understanding of the reasons for the increase, it said.


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  1. I’d like to know the definition of ‘sexual offence’ and whether it has changed in the last 10 years. But assuming it hasn’t, the reason is, of course, obvious.

  2. ‘They survey contains no answers as to why a certain type of crime increases, and analysis is needed to improve understanding of the reasons for the increase, it said.’

    Crime? What crime? Responses to a survey are NOT CRIMES.

    ‘A survey by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention showed that 15.6 percent of people suffered one or more offences against the person’

    Sweden has fractional people?

  3. Sex/hate crime figures are largely a function of Marxian lying anyway so increases are merely propaganda in action. Crimes of vibrancy whether or not under-reported are certainly under-recorded.

    More vibrants =more vibrant crime. More programmed hatred of white people =more bogus whitecrime (sex/hate being the top bullshit accusations) .

    Where the exact truth is in a welter of lies–who can say.

  4. Off topic but Julia Hartley Brewer went up a lot in my estimation when she was hit on.
    My view is that if you are told to stop, and you don’t, then it’s harassment. JWB told that Conservative MP not to do it again or else, and he didn’t.
    So no harassment occurred.

  5. Define normal heterosexual male attempts at chatting up girls as sexual harassment, and, Hey Presto! Victims galore! Teh Mens must be controlled!

  6. Gamecock

    “Sweden has fractional people?”

    Or maybe there’s fractional offences. 0.2% of a rape – an overlong glance.

    Makes as much sense as the victim claiming world.

  7. I’m trying to get a gauge on how things are judged these days

    Would it be sexual harassment to get naked, smear your entire body with marmite and then burst into the university FemVegSoc meeting shouting “eat me girls!”?

    I’m sure that would have been OK 35 years ago and which blokes among us of a similar age didn’t do something like that when they were at Uni?

    Nowadays I’m sure someone would be offended, although I can’t work out at what.

  8. @ AndrewC
    I should not have dreamed of behaving like that. It is horrendous to imagine that stasndards slumped so badly between my generation and yours.

  9. @john77

    but “uni” is cultural appropriation by those who grew up watching “Home and Away” and “Neighbours”.

    No worries.

  10. As far as Sweden is concerned the crime numbers are I suspect being cooked to a grey slop with tainted ingredients.

    The police have had the reporting categories fiddled with to the extent that quite senior officers have gone public with their concerns that the reporting process is essentially being politically driven to skew the outcomes.

  11. Fewer than half of the crimes in the survey were reported to the police. Sexual offences, harassment and threats were the least reported while people most often notified the police of burglaries, the survey showed.

    So there’s a distinct inference that confidence in the police has taken a knock? – rougher alternatives to police and courts might well emerge if the retreat from reality which seems to characterise present Swedish gubbermint continues its present trajectory.

    But hey it’s only an opinion poll of sorts.

  12. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If the Swedes can recover a smidgen of their Viking spirit then some Roppers are in for a distinctly bad time. But so far there’s no evidence they still have it in them.

  13. If it was just sexual offences then it would be plausible that definitional changes were the cause, or most of the cause, of the rise, but it isn’t. Fraud, assaults, muggings, threats – all are up sharply. It appears that a fairly serious crime wave against the person is going on in the increasingly vibrant Sweden.

    Of course trends aren’t guaranteed to continue, but they tend to do so if the underlying causes aren’t addressed, and I don’t think the Swedish government is willing to address them. In fact, I think they would address absolutely anything else instead to avoid doing so.

  14. The report is from Sweden. Several years ago, before the immigrations, Sweden published a study finding young women received more sexual attention than they wanted & older (40’s & up) women received less sexual attention than they wanted. Duh! Anyway, the news reporting it said somebody & I don’t recall if it was researches, gov officials or a 45yr old fem, but, they wanted gov to figure out a way to increase the attention older fems received.

    Bloke: The Norse feminists have had the most success that I’m aware of getting their men doing women’s work, the most home care duties, helping the wifey stuff. I suspect that this is because of the Viking era when the Vikings stole the most beautiful fems from elsewhere. Taking very beautiful wives by force works for a while, but over time fems began to wield their sexual power by rewarding men more for doing the fem’s bidding and less for their use of force. By now, the effects may be near complete.

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