Aren’t the icons falling?

Garrison Keillor, creator of the hugely popular American radio show A Prairie Home Companion, was sacked on Wednesday over an accusation of “inappropriate behaviour”.

Keillor, 75, started his show featuring tales of the fictional Minnesota town of Lake Wobegon – “where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average” – in 1974.

It featured musical acts, folksy humour, parody adverts for fake products like Powdermilk Biscuits, and Keillor’s signature monologue “The News From Lake Wobegon”.

There were also books including Lake Wobegon Days. The show became the most listened to entertainment programme on US public radio with four million weekly listeners on 500 stations.

9 thoughts on “Aren’t the icons falling?”

  1. All it shows is that panic spreads and that the scum of the left are happy to let it roll over leftist males to get at the bigger target of all men in general.

    If a hand on a knee or silly shit like blowing a raspberry down some woman’s cleavage at a party are now to be career ending “sex assaults” then how long before they will be demanding written consent just for a man to be in the same room as a woman.

    Marxist feminism was created to destroy relations between the sexes. It seems to be getting quite close to that mark and doesn’t care how many leftists have to be destroyed as well.

  2. Sec robots, artificial uterus’s and genetic screening for the homogametic genes will solve the worlds feminist problem.

  3. These are almost Soviet style show trials. Denunciation of the icons of yesteryear.

    We had the same here with the godawful Operation Yew Tree. Savile – not a shred of evidence (cf. the late Anna Raccoon), Rolf Harris – convicted on hearsay, Freddie Starr, Jim Davidson, Cliff Richard, William Roache et al.

    Now it is happening in the US. Mainly to people we’ve never even heard of – all tainted now by mere allegations.

    What is worrying though is how long will it be before TPTB start thinking that the RoPers may have a point about separation of the sexes in public spaces?

  4. Isn’t co-incidence remarkable Henry.

    That the goals of leftism and their new bestest mates just happen to coincide, to dovetail– so nicely and neatly.

    Fascinating as Mr Spock would have said.

  5. Garrison Keillor’s success is inexplicable to me, he’s one of the most tedious writers I’ve ever read. The left destroying itself is good news, however.

  6. “The left destroying itself is good news, however.” But who will replace these creeps: feminazis presumably.

  7. ” But who will replace these creeps: feminazis presumably.”

    And then the public will see them in all their glory. Good.

  8. All for apparently accidentally touching the bare skin on someone’s back when consoling them.
    The other side of this being that it may all be providing an easy excuse to get rid of people and contracts you are stuck with that would cost too much to end or spark a small but indignant group to protest if they were cut

  9. This one does also seem like someone trying to cash in as he made the comment that they were friendly right up until her lawyer contacted him so expect a civil case with the ‘but look they sacked him, must be something in it’ argument

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