Brexit is going to cause a rise in the average and collective IQ of the nation

Richard Murphy says:
November 21 2017 at 3:24 pm
I would have it as a back stop

But right now it’s not in my top 10 priority list

Because I suspect people won’t be going far

Excepting EU nationals getting out

Maybe me included, but that won’t be for tax but for work


17 thoughts on “Brexit is going to cause a rise in the average and collective IQ of the nation”

  1. *spits dummy out, stamps feet*

    “Brexit waaaah, waaaaah! It’s not fair. I’m leaving”

    Yeah, yeah Mr. Tater. He isn’t leaving the end terrace in Ely. Only way he’ll ever leave is when the grant money dries up and he has to find another bunch of gullibles to fool with his “economic” snake oil. If he was that bothered he’d have upped sticks and moved closer to Dachau.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    We could encourage him. I am sure we could find volunteers willing to march up and down outside his house singing Rule Britannia.

    Well, that would be if anyone outside this blog had ever heard of him we could …

  3. Yes. If you accept that there’s ample room left of the zero on the IQ scale available, the effect should be measurable. Possibly from space.

  4. Wasn’t long ago he was pretty much against the EU due to its anti democratic character. Fair enough, I agreed with him on that.

    Now he has an EU grant funded livelihood, and has burnt his bridges, he has changed his mind. He even disagrees when his old statements are quoted back at him.

    But if he has young sons who no longer live with him (is that right – has his marriage broken up?), then that might be a bit of an obstacle. Even if he still lives with his sons, it is a terrible time to shift them

  5. The EU doesn’t need Murphy. They have managed with the scant resources already at their disposal to develop a children’s computer game about the joy of tax.

    Don’t believe me? Well drop by and you too can be the prime minister of Taxlandia with infernal music that can’t be turned off. Shrewd observers will discover that the prime minister of Taxlandia doesn’t ever seem to face a general election – so very, very EU.

  6. > How many other languages does he speak …

    I speculate that the only place he’d consider is Ireland, where additional language skills won’t be required. But he’d be laughed out of there in no time at all.

  7. @Andrew M, unfortunately the little turd is still invited to pontificate from his ignorance on Irish radiowaves, and has never, to my knowledge, been called out on his obvious errors (although to be fair, I have often had to change stations whenever he starts)

  8. They never, ever leave

    Alas, true. I remember when the Left used to roundly mock people who threatened to leave if Labour got in, and enjoyed asking them when they were off. They don’t seem to do that any more. Too busy not leaving themselves I suppose.

  9. I am chuckling at who made the original comment to which the reply is addressed…. one for Second World War history buffs….

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