But she was there purely on merit, surely?

Angola’s new President Joao Lourenco has sacked Africa’s richest woman from chairing the state-owned oil company in a major boardroom cull just weeks after coming to power.

Isabel dos Santos, the ousted chair of Sonangol, is the daughter of former Angolan president Jose Eduardo dos Santos who stepped down in September. She was appointed only eighteen months ago by presidential decree, but will be replaced by former Sonangol executive Carlos Saturnino who she fired last year.

Or, you know, maybe not?

6 thoughts on “But she was there purely on merit, surely?”

  1. If you are an active part of any African govt the chances of you being scum are 99.999999999 % anyway. Whereas any other govt the chances are only 99.999999998.

  2. A Portuguese former colleague of mine said that there is a fancy street in Lisbon lined with expensive designer shops that survives purely on Angolan money. Isabel do Santos herself is known as “The Princess” and is, according to mates of his who have dealings with her, very very sharp indeed. Which is why she was chosen to front her father’s business interests rather than her brother, who apparently is the kind of “playboy” who give rich stupid scumbucket trash a bad name

  3. Africa’s richest woman

    Africa needs more entrepreneurs like this

    the daughter of former Angolan president Jose Eduardo dos Santos


  4. “very very sharp indeed”: she should go to the US. A “black” woman who is actually able should be able to demand any salary she likes.

    Except Russian: problem there?

  5. Heh- I work with Sonangol.

    As part of the due diligence, we reviewed the company and didn’t need to go further than Wikipedia to start saying to each other “Hmmm. Looks a touch dodgy”

    That was about 48 hours ago.

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