Good grief, I didn’t realise this

Pettigo is unique in Ireland as it is the only village divided by the border after Ireland gained independence from Britain in 1922. The river that runs beneath his workshop window places Johnston’s Protestant family in Northern Ireland and his largely Catholic neighbours on the other side of the 1820s cut-stone bridge in the republic of Ireland.

So Spike didn’t look that far for the name Puckoon then.

Quite my favourite part of which (well, favourite single joke) is the way the border runs through the pub. So there are two different tax regimes, two different sets of opening hours. The regulars moving across the room to cross the lines as appropriate.

11 thoughts on “Good grief, I didn’t realise this”

  1. I remember the scene from the book very well – didn’t all interested parties grab a pen and manoeuvre it across a map giving them them best advantage…?


    The movie – not so much.

  2. The Lion pub in Llanymynech, sadly now closed, had two bars in England and one in Wales. In the old days that meant that alcohol could only be served on a Sunday in the two English ones.

  3. “It’s the Berlin Wall approaching us”

    This is fake news. Or as I lie to say, a blatant lie spread to cause fear.

  4. This is most fun in Baarle, a half-Belgian town exclaved in the Netherlands. I recommend looking at a map if you’ve never heard of it.

  5. Checkout the Guardian maths section. The movement of 275m litres of milk per day across the border from 40,000 cows made my eyes water.

    That’s more than 6,000 litres per cow. Per day. Or just over 6 tonnes of milk. I knew farming was industrial but those yields are crazy

  6. Point Roberts in Vancouver where the end of the small peninsula is in the US, a lot of people have P.O. boxes there so they can ship to a US address

  7. Re: Bloke in Germany

    I’ve always enjoyed the history behind many of the enclaves and exclaves; had a very nice afternoon once visiting Llivia; a Spanish enclave in France. The French messed up with the Treaty of the Pyrenees where Spain ceded a whole load of villages to the French; the French expected Llivia to be one of them but, as it was a town and not a village, it stayed Spanish.

    I’ve also driven to Nahwa in the UAE, which is a UAE enclave within the Omani exclave of Madha – so quite similar to Baarle but not as developed.

    The relevance of this post is that geography and politics are pretty unimportant – people just get on with it and do what they have always done. The only reason that politicians give a shit is because it can make it harder for them to get their grubby mitts on other people’s money; why that is a bad thing I’m not sure.

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