Hmm, so, here we have a victim

A Welsh Labour minister who took his own life days after being sacked for alleged sexual misconduct was kept in the dark over the claims, close friends complained on Tuesday night.

Carl Sargeant, 49, a married father-of-two, was discovered dead at the family home in North Wales on Tuesday morning. Sources said he had taken his own life.

Mr Sargeant had been sacked as Welsh Cabinet Secretary in charge of communities and children on Friday after at least three women were reported to have made allegations against him. In his ministerial role, he had been a champion of female victims of sexual violence and domestic abuse.

Leighton Andrews, a former colleague on the Welsh Assembly, said his close friend had not been informed of the details of the allegations.

A victim of what of course. Remorse at decades of appalling behaviour? Or of unfair accusations?

No doubt significant police and societal resources will be devoted to finding out, eh?

16 thoughts on “Hmm, so, here we have a victim”

  1. The Unused Testicle

    Welsh authorities will see if there is dirt on a Welsh Labour minister?

    I hope they put up a sign “Danger, low flying pigs”.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    I haven’t studied philosophy but from what little I think I know wasn’t it Kafka who warned about making the process the punishment?

  3. I predict there will be not a hint of remorse from the harridans like Stella Creasey & Harriet Harman who have sowed this wind. They won’t care who reaps the whirlwind.

  4. From the comments by colleagues, he appears to be universally loved, and a dedicated family man.

    And allegations serious enough to sack him.

    Something doesn’t add up, that’s for sure.

  5. the harridans like Stella Creasey & Harriet Harman

    Harman says “it’s not a witch hunt.”

    Well, the “Duke of Beaufort’s Hunt” isn’t so named because they chase members of the Somerset family around the country.

  6. Sacked over allegations when he wasn’t even told what and by whom said allegations had been made.

    Nobody should be sacked over allegations in the first place. Any SOS can allege anything at anytime.

    If the allegations are “proved” then the sack. I was going to say “in a Court of Law”. Except that with femmi-shite like Saunders and her CPS gang on the job a “Caught of Law” seems more likely. Saunders and her scum are working to create a “legal” process that ensures allegation=conviction.

    And the Fish-Cow is a part of it all never doubt. Under her BlluLabour regime the Home Office/CPS were and still are right at the heart of advancing marxist femminism’s poisonous agenda.

    Right at the heart. Not mere bungling and incompetence tho’ she has that and to spare. But from sheer and deliberate malice.

  7. Even the police tell you what charge you are being arrested for, but in the bright new Progressive regime of anonymous denunciation you don’t even get that. Anonymous claims from anonymous accusers.

    The Left have been accused of using “1984” as a manual; they have added “The Trial” as well.

  8. @Rob: meanwhile, the ‘Guardian’ invites us to take out an onion for British ISIS sympathisers caught in enemy territory:

    “There is no tangible evidence whatsoever that Jack is a terrorist. In fact, he vehemently denies this, maintaining that he originally travelled to the Middle East on humanitarian grounds. He has clearly been radicalised, but he also insisted that he hates Isis “more than the Americans hate them”. Does Jack have a great deal of questions to answer? Yes. Should he be tried under the Terrorism Act on his return to Britain? Possibly. Should he be abandoned and left to rot in appalling conditions in Syria? No. Jack is a British citizen, and is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. “

    I can’t be the only person to see the huge cognitive dissonance, can I?

  9. If it’s true he was sacked and not just suspended, and if it’s true his sacking was accompanied by a refusal to tell him what the accusations were, then his sacker ought to be in the mire. Duty of care and all that. Has a crime been committed?

  10. dearieme,

    I doubt duty of care applies to political appointments like cabinets (nor should, as we do not want politicians treating jobs in the way I treat mine). But the decision to sack him without revealing the accusations should be hung over the head of the bastard who did it – it does not imply any sense of justice or decorum.

  11. Just a thought but if it was something serious I doubt this many politicos would be so openly commenting so favourably about him, I’d think they’d be more guarded about praising someone that had potentially committed serious/illegal acts

    As for duty of care as a member of the Labour Party there is a duty of pastoral care even if we wish to avoid the employment definitions

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Some serious accusations have been made and we’re suspending you while we sort it out”. At least implies you are going to be able to put you’re side of the story and there is at least some semblance assuming innocent.

    “Some serious accusations have been made and you’re sacked” just says you’re guilty as charged.

    Carwyn Jones should be made to justify his assumption of guilt.

  13. MSM not keen to cover Mr Sargeant’s suicide:

    C4 News, 1900
    1900-1935 – Pritti & Boris
    1935-1945 – British Overseas Terrorities, hurricanes
    1945-1950 – John Prescot’s son, then a bit about Mr Sargeant
    1950-1953 – “Conservative” Sarah “nanny” Woolaston MP attacking Pritti & Boris [I’m a Dr and an MP – I know what is best for you. Anyone have a bandwagon or outrage bus for me today?]

  14. They have strayed from the Grauniad’s claim that *Tories* are guilty until proved innocent to anyone who Big Brother denounces is guilty and is not allowed to prove innocence.

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