How excellent that Polly finally agrees

Gordon Brown saved the world. He really did, bringing world leaders to agree a gigantic fiscal stimulus and bank rescue. But the trouble with saving us from a 1930s-style depression is that people never see what didn’t happen. Few feel gratitude towards the person who prevented the mass unemployment, devastated savings and home repossessions that never poleaxed them.

So saving the banks was a good idea then?

9 thoughts on “How excellent that Polly finally agrees”

  1. Yeah, and the lack of home repossessions for the reckless means that house prices stayed high and priced the young out of the market.

    No possible downsides of this then…

  2. Pol’s shite level must rapidly be approaching more than her internal organs can sustain.

    The Bottler saved us–for his own entirely selfish and egotistical reasons–from the Euro.

    That is his one and only achievement and it will have to do Pol, it will have to do.

  3. Yes. Completely overlooking the engineered boom years thanks to artificially low interest rates, courtesy of the monocular moron, set the scene for the crash in the first place. And that ten years down the line, we’ve really not yet dug ourselves out of the shit. Hence a tiny increase in interest rates from an effective zero (or even negative, taking inflation into consideration) is considered scary stuff.

    The true tragedy is it’d only be possible to hang, draw & quarter the cvnt the once.

  4. Welcome to the world of the geotechnical engineer. If nothing fails, you’re a useless arsehole who spent too much on support. If something fails, you’re a useless arsehole who didn’t spend enough on support.

  5. A more important article in the Guardian today than Polly’s tripe and which may be worthy of your time:

    When will Hollywood give us a genuinely queer superhero?

  6. @BraveFart

    Presumably they’ll give us a queer superhero when the percentage of the population who give a fuck (the Gayists) contribute sufficiently to the film’s box-office takings to offset the loss of revenue from everyone else who shuns it for being PC SJW virtue signalling crap.

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