Idiot damn stupidity

One of the UK’s largest dairy producers has warned that a badly handled Brexit could lead to price hikes for food, and scarcity in the shops from April 2019, with dairy and meat products particularly hit.

Leaving the customs union in a hard Brexit scenario could lead to the price of meat doubling and the price of dairy, half of which is imported, rising by up to 50%. A block of cheddar imported from Ireland that costs £1 now will cost £1.41 under World Trade Organisation rules, with Ireland being a major producer of cheddar. This would prompt a vicious economical cycle and a period of “runaway” food price hikes, he warned.

We don’t have to charge WTO maximum import tariffs. They are maximums we are allowed to charge, not the amount we must.


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  1. Again , if we had decent leadership the BluPork would be ordered to trace the lying Remainiac scum who produced the pronouncements and slap a T&S on them with a minimum of 6 months to year on remand. That should end their career and generally fuck up their lives nicely.

    A mild reward for treason but suitable and proportionate.

  2. Even if prices were to double, that would be an excellent thing for everyone’s health — dairy produce is toxic. Cow’s milk is supposed to be for baby cows, FFS. Moreover it contains, naturally, hormones which are very bad news for humans, especially blokes. And because of the cruel and insanitary practices of the dairy industry, even pasteurised milk and cheese come with a handy complement of blood, pus, and concentrations of chemicals and unnatural fertilisers used on pastureland (such as treated human or swine sewage).

    I could go on, but you get the idea.

  3. Tariffs or no tariffs, some businesses will dishonestly use Brexit as justification for raising prices, or trying to.

  4. You could probably slap that 50% tariff on NZ cheddar and it would still be cheaper.

    The EU keeps cheap countries out by quotas as much as tariffs.

    Or the likes of Fuller.

  5. Share Tim’s annoyance. All the ingredients are there for an informative article. This being the crucial one

    “I don’t believe the government will countenance such food price hikes”

    My guess is Gabriel gave a cogent interview and it was all mashed up and half baked in an attempt to make a propaganda point.

  6. It would seem that there are no negotiations (apart from public service pensions), merely an exploration of the extent to which Britain can be punished. I foresee export tarrifs imposed. I imagine no British manufactured equipment will meet new standards imposed in Europe. Firms will find it advantageous to trade on the Frankfurt stock exchange in euros, rather than in sterling in London.

    And who knows what Soros has in store?

    It merely remains to be seen how pliable Europeans are.

  7. D’Arcy is the chief executive of a £360m-a-year-business, LacPatrick, the largest producer of powdered milk in the UK, providing infant formula to Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

    The man d’Arcy is either playing politics or very stupid or both and so needs to be put out to grass.

  8. No comments at our courageous crusading Guardian I notice.

    External EU tariffs on dairy is FIFTY FUCKING TWO PERCENT. Leaving the ECU would result in us being FORCED to REDUCE that to a maximum of 5%. How does a reduction in purchase tax of 47 percentage points result in something getting *more* *expensive*?

    Similarly, ECU import tariffs on meat is 15%, that would be forced to be reduced to a maximum of 5%.

    How can somebody get to be the chief executive of a business without the basic ability to do sums?

  9. “I foresee export tarrifs imposed.”

    By whom?
    By the UK? Why would the UK want to shoot in the face UK manufacturers wanting to export goods?
    By the EU? Why would the EU want to shoot in the face EU manufacturers wanting to export goods?

    If you follow the philosophy of “selling stuff makes the seller rich”, why on earth would you punish people for trying to get rich? ….oh!

  10. Thomas, most things are toxic. However stuff that people consume in moderation often isn’t so toxic as to harm them – hence we have people in their 80s, 90s and even reaching a century who have been consuming dairy their entire life.

    Want to try drinking water? Its toxic but people generally not concerned about that outside a river or sea.

  11. Brexit will come with so many handouts for affected regions, companies and sectors, plus the cost of replicating institutions and consultants that we’ll be needing all the tariff money we can get to pay for it.

  12. Even if there is an introduction of tariffs things wouldn’t work as the article describes.

    In Europe it’s only the British and the Irish who eat Cheddar. The Irish producers make it for their domestic market (which is small) and for the UK market. They can’t just start selling it to other people. As a result, the Irish producers will be force to take a large part of the cost of any tariff.

    Here in Ireland we have already seen this with the fall in the pound after 2008 which heavily affected the dairy firms.

  13. The value added in cheddar is in running it through a grater and sticking it on the shelves of Sainsbury’s in a little plastic bag for 60p extra.

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