Keep on eating the Children of the Revolution folks!

An annual book fair that has served for more than three decades as the most important meeting point for the British anarchist movement has become the latest casualty of widening splits over the issue of transgender rights.

Organisers say that they no longer have “the appetite or the energy” to stage next year’s London Anarchist Bookfair, following fraught scenes at the event last month. A group of feminists were confronted by other activists who accused them of distributing “transphobic” leaflets that promoted prejudice against transgender people.

The acrimony follows highly publicised splits in universities, women’s organisations and political parties over the issue. Lily Madigan, a 19-year-old who has just won a vote in Kent to become Labour’s first women’s officer from a transgender background, has been at the centre of a row within the party.

Another crack in the coalition of everyone who is not cis-white-generally-happy-with-the-structure-of-society against the cis-white-generally-happy-with-the-structure-of-society society.

Munch, munch, munch*, eh?

*Points will be awarded for the earlier lines of that poem.

34 thoughts on “Keep on eating the Children of the Revolution folks!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    You have to laugh really. When cis-hets get savaged they are supposed to take it like men. The feminists have not been willing to do so. Good for them. Not that I think Julie Bindel is one whit less insane. Just that it is nice to see someone standing up to the bullying.

    Munch, munch, munch*, eh?

    Anything to do with Carpet Munchers vs. Penis Choppers? Could be the basis of a great film. Whoever wins, mankind loses.

  2. The real shame is the organisers giving up on it. I think we probably need a few more fistfights at concerts and book fairs. Even the sedate and boring Frankfurt book fair managed a punch-up this year, between neo-nazis and some leftist gang.

  3. Funny how there are always problems at ‘right’ wing marches/rallies when they come across the Antifa dickheads.

    Assisted by Common Purpose plod who conspires to ensure they march to the same places.

    Surely if they were so violent, the leftie SJWs should leave them to it and demonstrate they need aggressive policing.

  4. A mate and I went early 2000s.
    All Communist and hard left Socialists.
    When I asked them about their plans for less government etc -stony silence. Then asked them why are you at an anarchist book fair when you are not anarchists -anger.
    Didn’t see the point of staying.
    won’t be missed I think

  5. ’The book fair situation shows the need for people to pick a side – that not picking a side is just not good enough.’

    So, one must have a, errr, dog in this fight? Really?

  6. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    Is this the MPLA
    Or is this the UDA
    Or is this the IRA
    I thought it was the UK
    Or just another country
    Another council tenancy

  7. Fred – In my teenage years (early 90s) having read far to much Ayn Rand I decided to find the anarchists around here figuring we would have common cause. Instead I found a bunch of basically extreme leftists but with personality disorders which meant they had been thrown out of the SWP and similar groups. With no where on the left where they could go they called them selves anarchists.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Fred – “A mate and I went early 2000s. All Communist and hard left Socialists.”

    Are there any non-Communist hard left socialists any more?

    Even Chomsky calls himself an Anarchist. Even though he is just a bog standard Trot.

  9. KL.. I reckon that our esteemed host is making reference to T.A.M’s little poem –

    Fifty hairy cannibals sitting down to lunch,
    Gobble, gobble, gobble, Munch, munch, munch!

  10. ‘British anarchist movement has become the latest casualty of widening splits over the issue of transgender rights.’

    Anarchist and rights in the same sentence.

    Funny how the Left sees rights as being imposed on other people.

  11. “Anarchist and rights in the same sentence.”

    Yes? And?

    Not all right have to be imposed/enforced by governments.

    “Funny how the Left sees rights as being imposed on other people.”

    There are, actually, such things a genuine left-wing anarchists. They’re the ones who set up hippy-dippy communes and talk about peace and love and collective ownership. They never work for long, but they do oppose government interference, and they do insist on membership being voluntary.

    The Nolan Chart has four corners. There are liberals on both left and right, and there are authoritarians on both left and right. It’s the authoritarians who favour strong government. It happens to be the left-wing authoritarians currently on the rampage, but don’t confuse the issues. They’re a problem to other people because they’re authoritarian.

  12. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    There’s a Willie Rushton cartoon of an anarchists’ meeting, with the chairman banging his gavel shouting

    “Gentlemen, disorder, please, disorder !”

  13. “There are, actually, such things a genuine left-wing anarchists.”

    Left-wing absence of government. Wait . . . what?

  14. “Not all right have to be imposed/enforced by governments.”

    Bit of ambiguity there.

    Which rights and enforced by whom?

  15. Is there anything more conservative than a bookfair in London?A bunch of old trots in state-funded non-jobs travelling to get ideas from dead trees.

    The real anarchists would create a topic on 4chan or reddit and link to a load of pdfs.

  16. With nowhere on the left where they could go they called themselves anarchists.

    Today they call themselves Greens.

  17. The opening scenes of the justice league movie has what I assume are meant to be neo-nazi skinhead types harrsimg a Muslim woman and child followed by a scene with white Christian terrorists, guess they figured those groups can’t complain about how they are portrayed

  18. Even Chomsky calls himself an Anarchist. Even though he is just a bog standard Trot.

    He’d soon drop the anarchist mask when the cheques stopped coming on time.

  19. Gamecock said:
    “Left-wing absence of government. Wait . . . what?”

    Didn’t Marx say that government would wither away? Might have been Engels. Always seemed (against tough competition) one of Marxism’s more ludicrous claims, that the government and its institutions would gradually disappear after first becoming all-powerful.

  20. “Left-wing absence of government. Wait . . . what?”

    The ultimate Marxist aim is for the workers to directly own the means of production, called ‘communism’. But the route there starts off with the people’s government seizing the means of production into collective ownership and controlling it on their behalf to hand over to the workers later, which system is called ‘socialism’.

    Left-wing anarchists say that giving government officials the power corrupts them (or that power attracts the corruptible) and they become just as bad as the capitalists. Like in ‘Animal Farm’, written by that famous left-winger George Orwell.

    “Which rights and enforced by whom?”

    All of them, by everyone.

    People complain when I’m verbose. People complain when I’m ‘pithy’. Make up your minds.

  21. @NiV

    Nothing in between? Always verbose or always brief? Write as the situation demands and bugger the complaints.

    I was going to say “you’re alwath pithy”, but it’s too early in the morning.

  22. “That, I believe, is always the problem with lefties.”

    In a sense. The economics doesn’t work, so most communes break up within a few years. But the same thing happens in free markets too – people try a new idea, and if it doesn’t work they go bankrupt and give it up. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    The real problems only arise when you’ve got authoritarians in charge, who *knowing* that the communist economic and social system is perfect, conclude that the only possible way it could have failed would be if internal saboteurs had deliberately messed it up. It’s the rich people stealing it. It’s the manufacturers profiteering. It’s the foreigners waging economic warfare. The blame lies on everyone but themselves. So the obvious measures are to stop them by force. Those who don’t get sent as slave labour to the gulag are shot, and their assets seized. Eventually they run out of other people’s accumulated wealth and it all collapses in ruin.

    Leftism doesn’t work, but authoritarianism is the real problem.

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