No shit Sherlock

Egypt Is Failing to Deal With Its Sinai Insurgency

NYT headline as the death toll in the mosque attack rises to 305.

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  1. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    Sure, but the Egyptian authorities quickly responded to the horrific mosque attack with airstrikes against terrorists.

    Dunno how effective it’s gonna be, but it’s a damn sight more likely to work than the British government’s strategy of giving ISIS members free housing.

  2. No one would give a crap about these sandy shithole’s if the Western (well EU) governments weren’t so keen on either getting involved directly in their internal problems or inviting hordes of them into a world they want to colonise.

  3. I’m not sure whether to feel sad or meh about this; the victims were Sufis, weren’t they? Are they Good muslims or Bad Muslims?

  4. the only good muslims are the ahmadis which many muslims especially sunnis don’t even think of being muslim and they will happily kill them. If there is any event where muslims are coming out against islamic terrorism they are more than likely to be ahmadi. Sunnis (the majority) are the worst.

  5. moqifen:
    True, and you can bet that wherever there are a handful of Ahmadi Muslims publicly acting vaguely like reasonable human beings there will be a phalanx of reporters and camera crews desperately trying to portray them as being typical of Muslims in general.
    If I were the Ahmadi I’d be getting pretty pissed off at being used as a PR fig leaf for the very people who would most like to behead me.

  6. @js – but not as pissed as chinese/ thais etc when pakistani rapists are described as Asians. If a pakistani muslim does something good he’s described as a muslim – something bad and he’s an asian. vile bunch of fekkers .

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