Of course

Ferry McFerryface: Sydney insists name for new harbour boat is ‘not a joke’

The original Boaty McBoatface started as a joke, to be sure. But soon enough transcended that.

We can even say it’s silly etc, but then that’s popular culture.

6 thoughts on “Of course”

  1. There are a vast number of events, objects and “persons” to whom the label “Lying Lefty McMarxyface” could usefully be appended.

  2. Could we name something Cunty McCuntface in honour of Spud?

    A rusty old barge full of shit stuck on a mud flat somewhere in the upper reaches of the Thames?

  3. Mr Ecks – I’m not sure you’ve got it.

    It would have to be Lying Lefty McLyingleftyface.

    Although I still prefer mine.

  4. I have a bookmarks folder called Trumpy McTrumpface.

    Mind you, I also have folders named Slick Willie, Heillary Health, Charity Frauds, Rigging against Sanders, e-mail and Treason, ……

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