Ooooh, this is good news!

Brussels does not believe it is possible to strike anything more than a limited Canadian-style free trade agreement with the UK, according to a leaked European Commission document.

The internal discussion paper stated that Britain’s rejection of membership of the single market and the customs union meant that co-operation would have to be restricted.

The paper, leaked to the Politico website, stated that “single market arrangements in certain areas” or the “evolution of our regulatory frameworks” could not be managed within EU law as it stood. It added that the UK would have to be satisfied with a “standard FTA (free trade agreement)”.

That closes off most of the fantasies of the Remoaners. So, great, we can just tell them all to fuck off and get on with leaving then, can’t we?

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  1. Excellent news indeed and if this paper coalesces into EU policy the logic behind the EU’s wish to have the divorce bill agreed before trade talks begin makes compelling sense. As Hallowed be points out, the divorce bill needs to be €0,00

  2. As I’ve said before- there’s no point negotiating with the EU.

    We’ve given them, two problems, one financial (where’s the UK’s contribution going to come from?), the second existential.

    The first one, they are less bothered about- bureaucrats always assume money will arrive from somewhere.

    The second- derailing the ‘always bigger, always closer’ plan for Europe, they’ll never forgive us for. The voters delivered a crippling problem to the EU.

    If they do a fair deal with the UK, others will leave.

    If they don’t, any success (no matter how trivial) will lead people to say that possibly leaving would be advantageous to them. ‘We’d get a better deal; we’d be better off out’ would be the thinking.

  3. The mainstream media are frottaging themselves with a report of an encounter between David Davis and some German “business leaders”. Apparently Davis came across as a blundering fool and the oh-so-clever Germans told him so, and told him he’s going to ruin Britain. Aside from the fact that our journos are lapping this up uncritically, has it occurred to the Germans that Davis is representing the British people and is not in a position to direct policy based on the whims of German businesses?

  4. JSq “derailing the ‘always bigger, always closer’ plan for Europe”

    I’d say it was more of a blow to the “sweep it under the carpet” policy, so EU will probably change that. However with UK recusants out the way I’m sure Eucrats are salivating at the new opportunities that can more than make up for such a loss. Juicy target of financial services, Army, Foreign policy, tax policy, monetary policy and legal policy.

  5. A leading economist comments on Brexit:

    “I went for a drink with a long time friend who is dedicated to Brexit yesterday.”

    Several paras later:

    “Our evening did not last as long as I had expected. My friend doubted we would be seeing each other again socially.”

    One wonders if the economist used some of his stock phrases during their discussion:

    “Right-thinking people agree with me.
    This is not a forum for you to express far-right views.
    Candidly, that is nonsense.
    Respectfully, that is crap.
    Your time here is at an end.”

  6. Why is Davis messing about meeting with lard-arsed Krauts?

    Who give a flying fuck about their arrogant “Alles in Ordnung” shite?

    Let the cucks worry about who has their wife or daughter on their kitchen table at this moment.

    And be even more worried if she volunteered.

  7. What the German widget makers ignore or are blissfully unaware of is the fact that UK trade is predominantly based on services based rather than goods. Paying away 1% of GDP to get tariff-free exports of goods to the EU doesn’t make any sense for the UK, even if it does for Germany.

  8. @John Square
    “We’ve given them, two problems, one financial (where’s the UK’s contribution going to come from?), the second existential.”
    “If they do a fair deal with the UK, others will leave. ”
    But if they do a really unfair deal, we walk away and thrive then they are really dead.
    I would offer us special membership without freedom of movement (either way or better still only for people who can support themselves), better CFP deal and reduced contributions. I doubt though this would be politically possible.

  9. Noel Scoper that whole post about Dick Tater having a drink with a friend readss like one of those mysterious letters that Jeremy Corbyn always receives just before PMQs.

    I’m calling bullshit. Aside from the verbal fellaters on his blog, Tater hasn’t got any mates.

  10. Well I`d just like to thank the senile stupid bigoted work-shy and generally pointless cunts that have done this


  11. Oldfruitcake – which ssbw-sagpcs precisely did you have in mind?

    btw congrats on the short post – the first of yours I’ve read all the way through for ages and only disappointed that it doesn’t repay even that little effort.

  12. When will ever stop congratulating yourself Facepainter?

    Our only problem is the rump of treasonous, tyranny sucking, self-serving greedy vermin like you and your double-dealing buddies.

    Work-shy AND senile? Yeah they should have kept working until they dropped dead in order to enrich even further a generation of cowardly, crawling. greedy vipers like you who would sell your arsehole on a Brussels street-corner as readily as you would sell out your nation. Anything to put some more cash into that void within you where any decent human being would have a heart. A heart capable of loving a land and a cause of freedom for which so many of our brave ancestors gave their lives. Which brave sacrifice the very existence of offal like you pisses on.

  13. Why is Davis messing about meeting with lard-arsed Krauts?

    Because these are not really negotiations, but rather a rare form of theatre of the absurd.

    David Davis knows (and despises) the EU of old, so he knows full well that there is no deal to be done here (or even if a deal is negotiated, it would never get ratified).

    So what David Davis has been doing from day one has been and impression of a productive and enthusiastic minister going about his business and attempting to negotiate “IN GOOD FAITH” with them from foreign.

    Since he knows there is not a chance in hell of success all he can do is make sure that the UK cannot easily be blamed for the whole thing being a disaster from the start (although the Bastards of the Berlaymont will give it a good go)

    He knows that if the negotiations are played correctly, not only can the UK escape the clutches of the EU entirely, but do so without giving the EU a massive bailout (or at least not beyond 2020 or so).

    You want to kill the EU stone dead? You make it look like their own hubris bankrupted themselves. David Davis is setting up this position quite well I believe.

    Anyone who understands even the basics of game theory can see where this bullshit is heading…

  14. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    John Galt – excellent take, and proving once again, Arthur Harris did nothing wrong.

  15. John Square: exactly and excellent.

    “Why is Davis messing about meeting with lard-arsed Krauts?”
    John Galt has a well reasoned answer. Try thinking before you emote?

  16. Why the F do we need anybody else’s agreement for us to abolish the import tariffs that we charge ourselves?

    We don’t. This is more “Project Fear” bullshit equating WTO maximum tariff rates as what we would be charging post-BRExit and therefore “We’re all Doomed! Doomed I tells ya Captain Mainwaring!”

    In fact I suspect that this is what the EU politburo fears the most, that their intransigence and desire for punishment means we end up exiting without a deal and essentially declare unilateral free trade.

    I doubt that such a move would be one which Theresa May would choose willingly, but given that there would be confusion about how to apply WTO tariffs, declaring unilateral free trade, even if just for an initial period of several years as an “experiment” would probably be radical enough to offset a temporary slump in trade.

  17. Theo–You still sending in them BluLabour dues Mr Thinker? The ones that don’t even buy you a say?

    As for John Galt’s ideas–lets hope they are not self-delusion and that he’s right and Davis is that smart. On Davo’s past form I tend to doubt it very highly.

  18. As for John Galt’s ideas–lets hope they are not self-delusion and that he’s right and Davis is that smart. On Davo’s past form I tend to doubt it very highly.

    Fair point. As that whole by-election stunt showed, maybe David Davis isn’t as smart or as funny as he thinks he is. Then again, isn’t that true of most of us?

    He’s the man on point though and I can think of worse people leading the negotiations…

  19. JG: Even if we did choose to adopt the maximum WTO import tariff, in most cases, that’s *LESS* than the current ECU import tariff. I keep saying it because it’s so astounding: FIFTY TWO FUCKING PERCENT on imports of dairy products.

  20. “David Davis isn’t as smart or as funny as he thinks he is”

    Alan Clark had David and spouse over his castle in 1990 and the diary entry said something like “David has our kind of humour” -sadly not elaborated upon.

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