Public choice economics in action

The failure to restore the power-sharing administration in Belfast is a direct consequence of the Tory-DUP deal to prop up Theresa May’s government. It is undermining the entire talks process and shattering any remaining pretence of British government impartiality.

Through her pact with the DUP, Theresa May has prioritised her own electoral survival over the interests of the people in the north of Ireland, who have suffered under years of Tory austerity and are now looking into the Brexit abyss.

Theresa May is rationally self interested in the career and life of Theresa May. The life of hose in Northern Ireland is interesting but a second order problem. According, of course, to Theresa May that is.

In other news, Nancy MacLean is still full of shit.

5 thoughts on “Public choice economics in action”

  1. The evil Tories have given more influence to the main NI party, thus disadvantaging the people of NI, er …

    Nancy MacLean is Dave Spart and I claim my €10.

  2. ‘the people in the north of Ireland, who have suffered under years of Tory austerity’

    The Left thinks everyone is ‘suffering.’

    The Left ‘suffers’ for everyone else. Makes them feel good.

  3. Given that Sinn Fein elects MPs who then ostentatiously don’t take up their seats at Westminster, it’s more than slightly hypocritical for Michelle O’Neill to complain about the way that deals are done there.

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