While dozens of those on the list are accused of “inappropriate” behaviour, others, such as the Home Secretary Amber Rudd, are included for doing nothing more than having consensual relationships with colleagues.

Another minister, Jake Berry, is named on the list simply for having a baby with his live-in partner, who works for Boris Johnson.

Edwina Currie, the former health minister who had an affair with John Major when he was prime minister, said that people making passes at each other in the workplace could not and should not be “banned” and that many of the allegations on the list were “trivial”.

The amusing thing here.

Back two generations having a baby out of wedlock, shagging, in a relationship, one of your colleagues you weren’t married to. These would be things barring you from being a Tory Minister.

That they’re not now is an advance.

Chasing the office totty would not have been such a bar. Unless found out to have succeeded. That we now say that chasing those who work for you, those you have career power over, is not allowable is also an advance.

That we also appear to have reached the point where “fancy a shag?” is not allowable is not an advance.

6 thoughts on “Scandal!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    That they’re not now is an advance.

    Is it? On what basis is that claim advanced?

    Women have evolved to like powerful men. Men have evolved to like compliant young females. Both sides will continue to shag each other with varying degrees of bitterness afterwards as long as they are in close proximity. *Especially* if they work together – powerful men giving orders, compliant women obeying them, there is no special secret to this.

    We could try to stop them working together. Perhaps we could ask Vice President Pence for some advice?

  2. @SMFS

    Of course the irony is that the very people who are up in arms about this ‘scandal’ were the ones deriding Pence’s stance.

  3. “That we now say that chasing those who work for you, those you have career power over, is not allowable is also an advance.”

    Really? Don’t quite a lot of perfectly good relationships start in the office? Or does it have to be initiated by the subordinate to be ok….

  4. If an MP joins tinder, swipes left to everyone but swipes right on their aide and their aide swipes right too is it it ok then?

  5. I met my wife 37 years ago in the office. But neither of us worked for the other, which would have been frowned upon.

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