Seriously folks, stop worrying about pissant little nonsenses

After the war on plastic bags and packaging, waste experts have a new target in their sights – till receipts.
UK supermarkets issue more than 26,000 miles of them every week – enough to stretch round the world, and most of them are thrown straight in the bin.
Recycling experts say the problem is exacerbated by stores that print out additional offers along with the legally required receipt.

So, a small consideration of the importance of this.

So, 80 metres long till rolls, 20 of them, weight 5 kg (that includes the packaging I assume but why worry?). There are 1,600 metres to a mile. 5 kg of till rolls is thus one mile. That means the shops are using 130 tonnes of paper per week, or some 7,000 tonnes a year, as till rolls.

Paper and board consumption appears to be some 9 million tonnes a year for the UK.

So, this particular story is people worrying about 0.07% of UK paper consumption. A goodly part of which, probably the majority, is a legal requirement.

Waste specialist Business Waste found that

Seriously people, fuck off.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Paper is pretty much entirely sustainable and recyclable too. The Developed world has more forest now than it did 100 years ago. It is about as safe for the environment as a product can get.

    There are no environmental grounds for refusing to use it.

  2. They seem quite happy with 20,000 tons of lumber being shipped from the US to burn in Drax every day, not sure a few till receipts are really a significant issue.

    I imagine the fall in newspaper distribution more than makes up for it.

  3. Actually it’s good distraction as it stops the eco-loons coming after the things we really enjoy. We just need to keep this one rolling as long as possible.

  4. A growing trend in Ireland, seems to be shops insisting you give them your email address so they can email therequired receipt to you…along with promotional bumph. They get the hump when I insist that legally they have to provide a paper copy of requested

  5. Gunker – same in the UK. Though I’d hazard a guess that if you’re brown and look like your email address might be tricky to spell like mustapha.ressiit then they’ll not bother you.

  6. Blimey, should I stop wiping with paper? So the Muzzos have been right all along? Use your hand, then use it to flavour curry. No wonder there’s no Urdu words for ‘turd’ or ‘constipation’.

  7. Why through your receipt away? You can use it as bedding for your guinea pig, add it to the cat litter, or eat it on a slice of Ryvita and marg.

    People are so odd.

  8. That legal requirement that you speak of isn’t immutable.

    Find 7 such targets and you could save enough to pay for our EU membership.

  9. ‘It said that better use of e-vouchers and a rethink on till receipt output could solve the issue’

    It’s NOT an issue.

  10. Home Depot in the U.S. has been the leader in email receipts. I find it annoying that I have to specifically tell them I want a damn receipt.

  11. Bloke in Tejas in Normandy

    “Home Depot in the U.S. has been the leader in email receipts. I find it annoying that I have to specifically tell them I want a damn receipt.”

    Use the self-serve machines and it’s just one of the options…

  12. Note that HD isn’t doing it cos they give a shit about paper. They are trying to capture people’s email addresses. For which they would spend many times the cost of the paper.

  13. “Use the self-serve machines and it’s just one of the options…”

    It’s a “Press 1 for English” option. GRRR . . . .

  14. I remember having this discussion 30 years ago with ‘concerned’ staff wanting to reduce our use of paper to ‘save the rain forest’. I pointed out to them that paper isn’t made from tropical hardwoods, and the softwoods from which it is made form a renewable crop, like wheat.

  15. Email receipts are useful if you’re going to need the receipt to be legible more than a few months down the line, otherwise it’s just a marketing data ploy

  16. The industry that stuffs its weekend papers with glossy shit supplements no-one reads is worrying about till receipts.

    Seriously, as said above: fuck off.

  17. The Metro, a free rag in London, is owned by the same group which owns the Mail. You can find any number of copies strewn all over railway carriages. This does not appear to be a problem to the Daily Mail, who are obsessing about small slips of paper.

  18. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I think it was P. J. O’Rourke who pointed out that recycling paper to save trees made about as much sense as recycling bread to save wheat.

  19. While it isn’t a major concern for the overall environment, the amount of paper Shop N Save hands out at the till is ridiculous. In addition to the standard receipt, there is the fuel perks tracking slip, pet perks notice, H&B rewards reminder, coupons for the competitors to the brands I bought, various short term promotions, and the ever lengthening piece of paper requesting me give them personal information.

    I’d protest by shopping somewhere else that doesn’t waste 10-20 seconds after the transaction printing trash, but Shop N Save doesn’t require any personal information to obtain and use their rewards card. I prefer the excess paper than can be disposed of in the spammer’s bin than the excess paper that ends up in mine.

  20. I prefer e-mailed receipts, as they stay in my e-mail archive for years (I do actually need to consult it occasionally). Whereas the paper ones just turn to mush in my pocket until I empty them out. Ok, I get some spam from some of the buggers but my keyboard has a ‘delete’ button that works well in Thunderbird.

  21. I don’t understand DM & MoS war on plastic, coffee cups, paper & not recycling things. Comments from readers are invariably against the Mail’s outrage.

    Why do they anger their customers?

    What next? Recycle/reuse tampons?

  22. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It’s all bollocks. There’s a huge mall near me that every few yards has two bins for things: recyclable and non-recyclable. You’re supposed to put cans, plastic etc. in one and food refuse, paper etc. in the other. That’s nonsense on its face because mixing bits of uneaten burger with paper makes them both less recyclable, not more, but the real kicker is what they do with the rubbish. I’ve had occasion to be in the mall really early while the cleaning crews go around emptying these things. Yup, it all goes into one big bin and then in the back of a dustcart and off to the landfill. The only damn thing worth recycling is aluminium cans and that can be done with an electromagnetic separator at the dump. It’s pure theatre. I have no truck with it and deliberately put my trash in the ‘wrong’ bins.

  23. BiCR,

    I love the logic.

    Because morons throw stuff in the wrong bins, making recycling unprofitable, I’ll deliberately stick my trash in the wrong bin.

    I guess, in some twisted way, it serves the mall owners right. They should have never expected morons to have the intelligence level to understand what is recyclable and what isn’t needed for the mall owner to actually earn a profit from recycling.

  24. LY, a good few years ago I lived in France (Somme Valley) and the house I was living in at the time had bins for recycling. A bin for cardboard and paper, one for plastics and one for household waste. The bin men came to empty the bins (all of them) an a Monday morning. And guess what. All three bins got emptied into the back of the same truck.

    Recycling, my arse. At best local councils (at least the French ones) just pay lip service to it. My bet is that someone somewhere was making shedloads of money supplying different coloured bins.

  25. My local authority has separate recycling bins for paper (excluding yerllow pages, brown envbelopes) cardboard, tins, scrap metal, electricals, textiles, wood, rigid plastics, and two or three others plus bins for garden waste, non-recyclables etc.
    So all my till receipts ca\n be (and mostly are) recycled. The fuss about till receipts assumes that recipients are too lazy to recycle them.

  26. Bloke in Costa Rica

    LY: it’s not that morons throw their stuff in the wrong bin. It is that both bins are emptied into the same big bin and then carted off to the dump. There is no ‘right’ bin to deposit anything. So I symbolically put my rubbish in the ‘wrong’ bin just to be bloody-minded.

  27. I make 26,000 miles per day about half of one thousandth of a mile per head, which is nearly a yard – i do not think that we each acquire nearly a yard of receipts per day from supermarkets.

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