Seriously glorious

I do think this is quite lovely. Writing college essays. There’s someone out there doing a media/journalism course. Who has to do a short piece as coursework. Model piece of simple journalism in fact.

Which they’ve decided to get someone else to write through an essay service*.

Hmm, maybe they want to be an editor?

*They’re offering a rate higher than such pieces normally get paid too…..this sort of stuff normally getting $0.

4 thoughts on “Seriously glorious”

  1. One of the podcaster I listened to (Aaron Clarey) had one of his sponsor Academic Composition that wants both people wanting to buy the stupid college papers and the writer to write them. I think their going rate is $30 per paper.

  2. allthegoodnamesaretaken

    “You could write something about the ethics of plagiarism?” and cc his lecturer in on the email

  3. Pretty sure I could spot your writing anywhere, Tim, having read your articles and blog posts for a few years. Even if someone corrects your typos.

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