He recalled once seeing Led Zeppelin, but was unimpressed. “Singer was a blond feller,” he said dismissively. “Bit of a poser.”

Malcolm Young.

6 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    You have to remember his standard was Bon Scott. Who was many things – a right ar$ehole I expect – but a poser was not one of them.

    Personally I think more rock singers should be encouraged to die at 34 from “pulmonary aspiration of vomit”.

  2. Not exactly second fiddle. Malcolm runs the band with a rather firm hand. He co-wrote all of the songs. His brother may get the spotlight, but he’s doing rather well himself.

  3. DtP, have to disagree. Having seen Robert Plant live (once with Jimmy Page and once with Band of Joy), his vocals may not be as good as during the Led Zep days but his diversity into other musical genres is second to none.
    cf, Raising Sand with the delightful Alison Krauss (one of two women I would leave Ms. Bannister for. The other being Samantha Fish).

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