So all men aren’t rapists then, eh, Jessica?

One of the many myths about feminists is that we believe all men are potential rapists – that men are inherently dangerous, their sexuality naturally predatory. It’s an absurd stereotype that runs counter to decades of feminist activism. After all, if you believe men’s natural instinct is to harass or rape, what you are really arguing is that harassment and rape are normal.

There are those who would disagree there.

14 thoughts on “So all men aren’t rapists then, eh, Jessica?”

  1. Trump didn’t say that he assaulted women, merely that they let him take liberties. They do for the handsome, the famous, the rich, the powerful – and even the violent – men.

    Sometimes I wonder how men who aren’t any of the above ever get a shag. Then I found the answer: some women have brains and don’t think with their cave-women uteruses

  2. Let me guess – there’s some big story about to break about a Lefty predator? Or is she alarmed that the shells are starting to land on her own side?

    Hard to shut down the dam after you have blown it up, dear.

  3. ‘And despite the bum rap given to feminists, it’s actually conservatives who’ve long bolstered “boys will be boys” nonsense that insults men and puts women in danger.’

    “We’re fine; you’re bad.”

    If that were true, you wouldn’t be writing the article, little girl.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    By an odd chance, Robert McCain mentioned Jessica Valenti recently. I quote:

    Oh, sure, feminists say they want “sensitive” guys, but you don’t see them chasing after 5-foot-4 nerds, do you? Of course not. They want the tall, swarthy guy with broad shoulders and thick biceps — physically overpowering — and maybe some “brutality” isn’t necessarily bad.

    Roosh knows there is a huge difference between what women actually want and what feminists say women want. This was what was revealed, after all, in reading between the lines of Jessica Valenti’s Sex Object. There was Jack, the 20-year-old bodybuilder she slept with when she was 16: “the most beautiful guy I had seen up close . . . all muscles and smiles . . . six foot three and chiseled.” And there was well-hung Kyle, her abusive boyfriend at Tulane. Tall guys with big muscles and big penises — even a feminist enjoys that kind of “brutality.”

    None of those guys wanted to marry her, of course, and so she eventually married a Harvard nerd five years younger than her, and hates him:

    Every time I see a dirty cup on the kitchen counter, my face gets red. The level of disrespect feels . . . as if Andrew has hopped on the counter, pulled down his pants, and taken a sh– there for me to clean up. My husband is lovely. He is a feminist. . . .
    He tells me to leave the cups on the counter and the socks on the floor. He’ll get to them eventually. But I can’t. I don’t believe him. And I can’t write in a house where something is wrong.?. . .
    Andrew and I have been going to couple’s therapy, both for my anxiety and because Andrew is so mad at the space the anxiety takes up in our relationship. Our default mood is low-level annoyance toward each other with a propensity to turn into full-blown rage at the smallest thing. . . .
    I feel like I might hate him and I suspect he feels the same.

    You see? There’s no winning this game. Valenti praises her husband as “lovely . . . a feminist,” even while admitting she hates him.

    It is worth reading the whole thing if only to see Laurie Penny’s conflicted attitude to Roosh – one of the more unpleasant of the men’s sphere writers.

    Harassment and assault are inevitable as long as people like Valenti lust after strong men who harass and assault her.

  5. All I’m saying is that Fifty Shades didn’t feature a 9 stone weakling with asthma…….100m women and counting can’t be wrong.

  6. Valenti: “And I can’t write in a house where something is wrong”

    Fuck me- she writes this drivel in a space bereft of distractions? I suppose it helps the voices in her head be clearly heard.

  7. Jessica Valenti isn’t a feminist and never has been. She’s a Democratic Party apologist with a vagina. Nothing more, nothing less. Now that the “Republican War on Women” has been exposed for the sham that it is, the easiest way to protect politically useful predators such as Al Franken is to downplay the anti-male components of today’s feminism.

    Jessica Valenti doesn’t care nearly as much about the sexual assault as she does about the political affiliation of the alleged assaulter. Valenti and other “feminists”, such as Amanda Marcotte, have only one steadfast belief: They should, at all times, have unrestricted access to government subsidized abortion. As long as the assaulter in question supports their abortion position, they will either forgive or ignore their behavior.

  8. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    One of the many myths about feminists is that we believe all men are potential rapists – that men are inherently dangerous, their sexuality naturally predatory.

    I wonder where you cisheteropatriarchal bigots might have gotten the idea that feminists think all men are rapey bastards.

    “All men are rapists” – Marilyn French, famous feminist

    “Seduction is often difficult to distinguish from rape. In seduction, the rapist often bothers to buy a bottle of wine.” – famous feminist Andrea Dworkin

    “Men are rapists and should be put in prison then shot” – Julie Bindel, famous feminist

    “Men, by and large, have a rape switch.” – feminist website Jezebel

    “What? Even the Pope?” – Shirley Valentine, scouse housewife

    And despite the bum rap given to feminists, it’s actually conservatives who’ve long bolstered “boys will be boys” nonsense that insults men and puts women in danger.

    Michael Gove is the REAL bigot.

    Abstinence-only education, for example, teaches girls that they need to prevent physical affection from escalating because boys can’t help themselves.

    Better to teach kids the “pull-out” method, eh?

    The right-led protest against women in combat, too, is based on the idea that having men and women in close quarters will lead to sexual assault.

    Sexual Assault Reports in U.S. Military Reach Record High: Pentagon – Reuters, May 1st 2017

  9. Jimmers –

    That’s the one. About the only issue I have with McCain’s review is that he doesn’t seem to fully understand the depth of Valenti’s insecurity about herself. When Valenti uses the term “sex object” in reference to herself, she is expressing a wish, not a complaint.

    Valenti always wanted, more than anything else, to be the prettiest girl in any room. She wanted to be a heartbreaker, but had neither the knockout looks nor the captivating personality to pull it off. Hence the poor woman’s substitute for allure… promiscuity.

    When she wears a sweater stating that she “bathes in male tears”, that is not an expression of defiance, as McCain seems to believe, but rather a revealing of a fantasy.

    My feelings about Sex Object remain mixed: Repulsion for Valenti mixed with pity for her poor beta male dope of a husband and sorrow for her parents. I can’t even imagine how painful reading Sex Object was for them.

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